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Re: Kane

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It beats me how everyone in the book moved on from Terry but I would love to think that the author left that part of the story blur, to develop it in subsequent books.
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I liked Kane as a character and I definitely feel like he will have a much bigger role in the next books. Terry, on the other hand, seems to have her chapter closed. I just felt like the author was trying to wrap her up and get rid of her as a topic. I don't think she'll be included in the rest of the series, but I wish she does.
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GatugiM wrote: 08 Apr 2020, 20:32
Frances019 wrote: 27 Mar 2020, 12:57 I don't think anyone but Carly knows who really kidnapped Terry. If Kane had known Adam was behind it, he would have been a lot more hostile towards him. And there's no way for anyone to accidentally discover the truth since Carly burned the shed down. It would be interesting to read more about her though.
I imagine that Kane followed Carly to the Shed and saw it. I feel like the author left that story hanging to explore it in the next book. I'd love to read about her as well.
I had that vibe that someone must have seen something. Before Vicky/Katareena showed her true colors, I was thinking that it was going to end up being her that saw Carly, but it would make sense if the author had it be Kane. I'm waiting for a new revelation involving him, so maybe that could have something to do with it.
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The whole Terry situation seemed very odd from the beginning, not to mention Carly's complete acceptance of it and Adam kinda glazing over it like it was just a bad dream. The thing that confused me, though, was why he was attracted to Terry from the beginning. It seemed that Adam could only be attracted to others who were attached to the bloodline somehow or had the serum in them like his mother, but the author portrayed Terry as entirely "normal." I'm wondering if there was something to the attraction (like some kind of connection to the bloodline) that will show up in later books.
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leximutia wrote: 06 Apr 2020, 18:07 Honestly, when it comes to anything related to Terry, I feel like the entire incident has just been disregarded or forgotten in the book. Adam doesn't seem to think about it. Carly knows about Adam's involvement but has dismissed it. As for Kane, I think he only knows that Terry had disappeared, but it seems he hasn't done anything about it.

I don't have much hope that the mystery of Terry's disappearance will ever be resolved.
I think the same. Kane shows no signs of knowing. And considering they both worked at the store, I assume they may have known each other, even in passing. If he knew Adam was involved, especially with his crush on Carly, I think he would've said something.
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I think Kane knows something is not right about Terry's disappearance, and has suspicion on Adam and Carly but he doesn't show it since there's no proof. In the next sequel, Carly might betray Adam and expose him to Kane.
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I think only Carly knows about it. Because If Kane had known it then he would have caused troubles in Adam’s and Carly's relationship. Maybe people have hope now also that Terry is safe somewhere that’s why they never stopped looking for her.
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I find no connection between Kane and Terry . I feel sorry for Kane. His character needed an improvement.
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I don't think Kane knows what really happened to Terry, nor does he know Adam was responsible. If he did know, I think he'd have questioned Adam about it or even turned him in to the police. I think Kane really cared about Terry, but he knows little to nothing about her disappearance.
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Honestly, the entire Terry plot line seemed poorly handled to me. It would be great if I were wrong about this, but it really doesn't seem like the author intended to properly wrap it up.
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