An adult version of Twilight?

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Re: An adult version of Twilight?

Post by Queenyx »

I've always loved to watch the twilight saga movie, so I can bet you yes, it is likened to it.
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Post by Nicolene75 »

Queenyx wrote: 05 Apr 2020, 10:00 I've always loved to watch the twilight saga movie, so I can bet you yes, it is likened to it.
I totally agree!

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Post by UnicornKnight »

As someone who can admit enjoying the Twilight saga, this book had a lot of similarities but I think the universe the author built was different enough that I could read it as something different. I drew parallels throughout a lot of the book but as someone said earlier, it took the best parts of Twilight and arguably made it better.
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Post by leximutia »

Well, Adam's ability to cloak his own core / shield others did remind me of Bella's power when she became a vampire. Other than that, the idea that Opaque could be a sort of adult version of Twilight never occurred to me. Now that you mention it though, I suppose there are similarities...
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Musk doaab
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Post by Musk doaab »

Well, yes the Kane part is bit like Twilight triangle but nothing else, especially the character of Carly is quite strong and Adam can just wish to keep Carly safe, no matter how cool his abilities are, she is enough on her own. Maybe, it is the other way around with Carly and Adam but still it has many of its unique elements embedded throughout the read that make it exciting all the way through.
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Post by Vlinstry »

I agree it does resemble Twilight in a lot of ways.
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Post by SamSim »

This is an interesting and helpful insight. Thanks for pointing it out.
Samantha Simoneau

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Post by Palfree »

Yes, this story does remind me of Twilight.
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Post by Marty_Kelly »

I thought so too when I was reading the book.
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Post by 4njhe »

Put that and the Xmen together and you might have a perfect example of Opaque.
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Post by hasincla »

I haven't read the Twilight series (I know I know, where have I been?) but I'm interested now that I know the two series are similar. I liked Opaque!
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Post by Harty »

The similarities between the two stories are similar almost like the two author's worked on the same project but had to write independently.
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Post by Rasiga_shri »

4njhe wrote: 13 Apr 2020, 16:20 Put that and the Xmen together and you might have a perfect example of Opaque.
Yeah!! I totally agree with you. :handgestures-thumbupleft:
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Post by ArriettyClock »

Yes it definitely felt like there was a big link between the two stories - but that just makes me a little frustrated rather than pleased that it was similar.
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Post by Netvigator72 »

There definitely were similarities but I thought that since the Twilight Saga was amongst the first few books I read many years ago in this genre, whenever I come across a book like this it reminds me of Twilight Saga.
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