Review of Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise

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Omneya Shakeep
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Re: Review of Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise

Post by Omneya Shakeep »

This seems to be an interesting book. I enjoy character-driven storylines. I think I will enjoy reading this book. Great review.
Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka
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Post by Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka »

This is a very beautiful book. Very thrilling and emotional. The twist at the end is quite surprising too. And I agree that the time jumpis my favorite too. Thanks for the review.
dorcas mafe
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Post by dorcas mafe »

This review is very good, I would definitely love to read this book
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Post by Glory_C »

Entanglement: Quantum and Otherwise sounds really interesting and I'm begging to wonder people's motivation behind the murders. Why did they show no remorse when the murder occurred? I find your review insightful and would love to know more.
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Alex Reeves
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Post by Alex Reeves »

The cover is certainly attractive, I must admit. However, to be honest, I do not see the main idea of the story in this review. If I were to check the book out, what am I looking forward to. Is it a story about Geena, or about her mother? I do not seem to extract the focal point of the book from this review. If I am mistaken, or maybe I missed something, please do clarify me. Thank you.
Elza Amir 1
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Post by Elza Amir 1 »

The book sounds fun, I wish I knew about it during the Halloween season for I had nothing interesting to read back.
Guess it’ll be shoved to my reading list for the next year.
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Dangale Mukhethwa Ezelle
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Post by Dangale Mukhethwa Ezelle »

Sounds interestingly complicated. I normally don't like complicated when reading but this book calls for me to displace that preference and divulge myself into the messy lives of these characters. I also love the element of the actions not being random and having no premise other than just being there. The name and review of the book suggest to me that everything in there is all somehow connected or it will at least make sense... that's when the fun begins.
Sydney Ash
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Post by Sydney Ash »

Great review! Love how you included such great detail without giving anything away.
Anna Gabriela Contreras
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Post by Anna Gabriela Contreras »

This is one of my favorite books, I had some trouble understanding some of its contents but at the end, I loved it.
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Post by SINGH JAY »

The plot and characters of this novel sound extremely intriguing. According to the review, it appears that the characters have a lot of depth, which is something I particularly enjoy while reading a novel. I'm so excited to read this book. I appreciate your thoughtful assessment.
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Post by SINGH JAY »

Particularly in terms of plot and characters, this novel sounds fascinating. According to the review, the characters seem to have a lot of depth, which is something I particularly appreciate in a novel. I'd be thrilled to read this book. I appreciate the enlightening review. 
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Chandelier Eden
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Post by Chandelier Eden »

I enjoyed reading your review. From it, the book seems like an interesting one, especially with different characters having their flaws. Nice one, once I get the chance, I'll check it out.
Alexia Ehrat
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Post by Alexia Ehrat »

Sounds interesting, I will begin the reading now!
Park Cherri
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Post by Park Cherri »

This is a great review. This plot sounds complicated to me. The characters are quite much. I’ll love to give it a trial though.
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I Like Fiction Books
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Post by I Like Fiction Books »

This sounds like an interesting book and the cover also looks very intriguing.
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