Official Review: Tears and Trombones by Nanci Lee Woody

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Re: Official Review: Tears and Trombones by Nanci Lee Woody

Post by Tars »

I'm not really into all this real life story stuff, plus additionally it also sounds too cliché to be interesting. Once again it's about some poor boy/girl who has real talent, but no one, including (or should I say especially) parents help them develop it.

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Post by Artizi »

A moving and realistic story featuring love for music and moving scenes. I'm sold :) I'll definitely read my free copy!
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Post by Chrystal Oaks »

Based on the review, this book sounds like it is well-written, with realistic characters and a moving plot. I look forward to reading it because Joey seems to represent artists in general. It seems common among artists to say, "my - drawing, writing, dancing, music - saved me." It turns a negative situation into a positive one. Thanks for the heart-moving review!
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Post by Inluvwbre »

I read this book when I was 14 I really loved how he had a dream and he wanted to pursue it.But he also faced some challenges which was his father. But this story is so inspiring because this character wanted to become something great but their was people that wanted him to be like them.

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Post by Cheshire_wolf »

This review was wonderfully written, making it interesting and insightful enough for even someone who's not really interested in reading it. I'm going go pass but I'll most definitely recommend it to some friends of mine. :)
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Post by cpru68 »

I’m not sure this is one I can take on at the moment. I have read so many memoirs about abusive families that it gets to me after awhile, so I think I will pass for now. I do like the idea of how a young boy climbs the ladder of success in the musical world. Great review, but I have to pass for now.
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Post by B Creech »

Excellent review! I can't wait to read this book. I love it when the struggles finally turn into a triumph! I've got a feeling it will be an emotional read for me, but maybe a few cleansing tears will do me good!
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Post by EvaDar »

A book about the influence of music on a boy, and eventually a man, sounds like a beautiful story. I love realism, and it sounds like these characters are written in a way that they are very relatable. Great review.
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Post by Ma Cheryll »

Thank you for sharing your views regarding this book🤗what you say is true, the story it carries is somehow relatable, which makes it more attractive to readers. I’m glad I have my own copy thanks to the author and congratulations on the #BOTD🎉BEST REGARDS!

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Post by jadriscoll »

Based on this book review, I am signing up to read this novel. I am inspired to read a out a true life struggle as it makes the read real.

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Post by tarafarah7 »

What a well-written review! Thank you so much! I already have a copy of this book, and I forgot about it, until now. Realistic, emotional, and inspiring, today's BOTD is a coming-of-age story about a boy who overcame obstacles to reach his dreams of becoming a musician. This definitely sounds like a must read! Much appreciated!

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Post by Heatholt »

I love the themes of this book, seems like a personal read for me. Thank you for the great review which has piqued my interest.

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Post by Kaylee123 »

This book sounds so interesting! I like books that are realistic and books that have a plot that moves along well. I hate being bored when reading. Thanks for a great review. I really want to read this book now!

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Post by graceful-1 »

Music is a very powerful tool for healing. I'm happy to read that it helped Joey, and even though he had his challenges, it seemed to carry him through it all. Thanks for the review!

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Post by sanjus »

A nice emotionally captivating story in the book "Tears and Trombones" by Nanci Lee Woody, which is about Joey, a young boy growing up under drunken, emotionally abusive father, but has dreams to become a great trombonist.
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