Overall rating and opinion of "Grace Revealed " by Frederick J. Sievert

Use this forum to discuss the May 2020 Book of the month, "Grace Revealed: Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis" by Frederick J. Sievert.
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Grace Revealed " by Frederick J. Sievert

Post by Nwaogazie Goodness »

I found it intriguing that the author included Bible verses and all. It somehow speaks to the soul.

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It is an amazing book with beautiful testimonies to help anyone whonis challenged get back up

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The reason I would highly recommend this book for all is due to the ongoing-pandemic in the world. This book really gives a new perspective to life and offers something to believe in. It's well-written and I enjoyed it through and through.

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The topics covered by the author through short stories are common and relatable and thus, people could connect to them. This helps people to realize the soothing presence of God and His grace and His blessing over everyone. The book tends to encourage and motivate people to keep moving ahead, overcoming the difficulties and finding His grace.

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I like the author's style of using short stories. This makes it interesting.I would recommend it to anyone since we all once in a while if not most of the times face crises in our lives.

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Post by Nicolene75 »

I love books that encourage, motivate, and uplift you. I also love the fact that the stories that are recounted in the book are people's personal experiences of how God touched their lives. Looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

I am a reader, not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many.

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I'm inly halfway through but the stories narrated by the author are mostly relatable to me and I find this so refreshing.

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Post by Siriusly_blank »

A handy edition that radiates positivity and optimism . It a motivational piece of writing that helps the reader to keep his spirits high. The author's innovative style of narrating short inspirational tales , to encourage the reader , compels him to love this book. It isn't one of the read and forget types instead this volume impels the reader to refer to it again and again . The words on the pages of this book are capable of teaching us life's lessons. The book is an interesting read and a must read for all.

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The book is a brilliant piece of poetry that you don't come across daily. The author deserves good deal of praise and appreciation for the hardwork and efforts that she must have put to create such a miracle . The reviewer's analysis of the book is also praiseworthy.
I love this book !!!
I strongly recommend this to every person reading my comment.

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Post by Echez_ »

Well..I loved how the author talked about Grace. I understand that Grace is very essential to everybody not only to christian. Makes things easier. But the best part I loved about this book, is how the author told little stories to help his/her readers get the point he was trying to make. That's a good strategy, atleast you don't leave anybody behind. I'd give it 4 star

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Post by NDeMeer »

I was raised as a Christian, but haven't really practiced Christianity in quite a long time. Still, this book is one of hope and inspiration. I haven't quite finished reading it yet, but I'm very much enjoying the anecdotes.

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Post by Mindi »

I really feel like this book is almost a necessity for those choosing to live a Christian life. It gives them hope that can be found in many different trials of life.

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Post by ankushavhad »

I was late to partake in opinion, though the book shone as a BOM for May. Grace Revealed: Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis seems a blessed medium to believe the GOD. Its human tendency to trust in a power that protects him throughout the life. Nothing religious lesson one learns, but the conscious. The material remedies are all man made, as against the nature’s bless. The blessing waves in the Grace, what heals, and saves, and keeps one cosmically with the power –the power of God. As far the rating trend goes, I blindly quote most polled it 4. That’s the power of the book, I guess.
Yes, already pulled this book in the shelf to read.

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Post by chatty_chey »

Arimart99 wrote:
03 May 2020, 16:05
I love that it consists of short stories because it is sometimes hard for people to understand religious matters explained in other ways, especially if they are beginners in religion. This book is very encouraging and I would especially recommend reading it now, with all the stress and hard times in the world right now, this book would help encourage people to keep moving forward with faith and God's grace.
I love the short stories as well! I get lost sometimes keeping up but I agree the book is encouraging :geek2:

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Post by joenduga12 »

The book talks more about Christian faith. But in my opinion the way the author represents Jehovah God and Jesus in this book is very confusing. The Bible says Jesus and God are one in that they are united in one purpose. Not that they are equal in power, strength, age, wisdom, or in everything, as the trinitarians often depict them. Remember, there is a father-and-son relationship that exist between them. Nonetheless, overall, the book provide resounding moral lessons, of which I'm appreciative of the writer's efforts.

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