Overall rating and opinion of "Grace Revealed " by Frederick J. Sievert

Use this forum to discuss the May 2020 Book of the month, "Grace Revealed: Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis" by Frederick J. Sievert.
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Grace Revealed " by Frederick J. Sievert

Post by Rubbi »

The book was spiritually uplifting and I enjoyed the aspect of mini stories in the book. Even sending the message of hope and faith in God's grace was an encouraging feature from the book.

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Post by Rukitejevbo02 »

Any book that enhances my spiritual growth is definitely a big yes.

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Post by Mindi »

I wrote the review for this book a year ago. When it became the book of the month, I was reminded how inspiring and uplifting this book was when I first read it. I plan to read it again, and I would recommend this book to anyone.

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Post by Meenashiva »

I have not read the book. But I am looking forward to reading and I think the book gives people hope that what they are going through is not in vain. Everyone needs to have faith in Our Almighty God. I will recommend the book to all the Christians and the people who are going through a crisis in their life.
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Post by biblichore_pages »

I haven't read this book but I have definitely read its review and I must say that this book is so amazing. It can bring in spirituality to his readers in just one complete read. I'm truly look forward to read it.

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Post by Christieee »

I have not yet read this book but it seems like a piece that will help nurture my spiritual and personal growth towards kindness. For this reason, I really look forward to reading it.

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Post by lydiafmatson »

My favorite thing is that the stories are not written by the author, but by the person from which the story came. It gave a unique voice to each section and made the book as a whole very interesting to read.

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Post by Krupali »

I read this book helps with anxiety and stress. I am not in need to come out of them as I do not generally deal with them. I would like to share this with my friends though. I hope the book can help them. I am not sure if I am very excited to read this one very soon but I wish to read it in the future for sure.
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Post by Mizrob »

I've been trying to understand what grace means and this book has helped me achieved that to some extend.

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Post by Bles »

I haven't read this book yet but if I do, I will give it my honest rating because the book seems amazing.
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Post by Mary1214 »

I like how there are multiple stories in one book they are each unique to themselves and a lot can be taken away from them.

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Post by char8026 »

I enjoyed the book, but I did not find it life-changing. I did find the stories interesting, and some of the trials that they overcame interesting. My favorite thing about the book was the author's notes on each story, and the bible verses. The author's notes seemed to relate each story to something in the bible, and the bible verses I found comforting.

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Post by reneelu1998 »

Falling4Ever wrote:
01 May 2020, 20:41
Although I don't really partake in religious beliefs, I've heard about this book helping with stress and anxiety, so I might check it out!
It is interesting that this book can be used for that purpose and also be engaging for those with religious inclinations.

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Post by Nwaogazie Goodness »

I'm intrigued by these reviews. This must be a great read.

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Post by do20 »

I love the way the book inspires anyone of us who might be in times of difficulties. I hope that very soon, I should read this book.

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