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Re: favorite story

Post by Amystl26 »

mairu wrote:
15 Jun 2020, 15:03
Jane's story was my favorite but at the same time was so heart wrenching despite its depth of sadness beyond that there is the inspiration to take away from it and a lot can be taken away from her story.
I haven't read this book, but all the positivity I'm getting back about Jane makes it a book to go on my list. She seems super inspiring and everyone could use an inspiring story from time to time.

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Adanna Inya
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Post by Adanna Inya »

Jane's story humbled me and made me sober about the things I take for granted. We never really appreciate the place of faith until we are hit with life.

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Post by biblichore_pages »

I haven't read this book yet but reading all the discussion points I'm looking forward to read this book very soon.

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Twylla wrote:
04 May 2020, 15:14
Coss Marte's story was my favorite. I listened to the Ted Talk he gave about his business Conbody. I started doing his Conbody workout, and I am on my way to having the prison body I have always wanted! It was so funny - he said in his Ted Talk that when he got out of prison and he was thinking of starting his fitness studio, he zeroed in on his target market - ladies in yoga pants. That's me! How did he know that ladies in yoga pants would love his workout? I don't know, but at 2:00 every afternoon, I get up and do my prison workout. I don't need equipment and I just need a small area. Coss Marte seems like a good guy! I am so glad he turned his life around and found the Lord!
I agree! I found his story very inspirational.

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Post by Mary1214 »

To be honest Jane's story was heart-wrenching as well as inspiring and much could be learnt from her.

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Post by Hassanah »

I love this book because of the lessons it teaches. I loved Jane's story. She was resilient in everything she faced.

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Ekta Swarnkar
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Post by Ekta Swarnkar »

Jane's story was really entertaining and inspiring.
You live your dreams in the characters of the books you read. :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by Slater678 »

I identified with Jane as I have experienced loss in a similar manner like she has. I also agree that it's in times of crisis that God is best found. This is the time when all your perceived friends have left you and you are alone.

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Post by gelli_baranda »

Steve's story is the most relatable character for me. As a person who has internal demons to fight, people sometimes forget those are also vulnerable-and also subject to abandonment and discrimination.

It is most relatable specially on a time like this where we can do is put up our faith in Him.
Happy reading,
Gelli xoxo

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Post by Imperio »

Skip Masback's story is my favorite. Skip is described to be the highly educated, litigator that struggled with faith's seeming contradiction with logic. Skip's story is my favorite because he was described to be someone who couldn't reconcile his faith with the logical part of his brain that couldn't believe what he couldn't see. As someone who has a scientific background and is educated like Skip, I relate most to his struggle. Skip writes the most candidly and down-to-earth, and for this reason, I think that many people may benefit most from Skip's chapter in Grace Revealed. At one point or another, regardless of education level, all Christians have all struggled with this aspect of the religion.

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Post by morijin »

Jane's story carried so much power and a very strong message.
I'm glad she pulled through it.

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Post by mariya1214 »

Jane's story was very inspiring and sad at the same time and a lot was learned from her hardships so for that, Jane's story is my favorite.

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Post by Bruno Abia »

Jajachris wrote:
09 May 2020, 12:18
Jane's story kind of reminded me of Job's story in the bible. He lost everything but not his faith and in the end, he was rewarded for his faith, just as it was with Jane.
Same here for me. It gladdens the heart to come out victorious after a trying time. Her faith worked for her. I am inspired by her story.

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Post by Fernando222 »

I think Jane's story is most captivating and courageous. It's tough to hold on to the faith, especially when you lose everything you once had. Jane displayed exceptional endurance.

Ana Victoria2002
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Post by Ana Victoria2002 »

Deborah kalu wrote:
04 May 2020, 17:48
What I so much admire in the book is the work of faith and how to stick to God in good times and in bad times. Many of us only remember God when the going is rough and very bitter, and when it become sweet and Smooth.....oh!! we totally forgot that God exist.I learned so much in the story of JANE she never allow her situations to take control of her faith.She remain focus even when the world seems to be over for her.
I agree with you. Sometimes people tend to forget that religion is not something you believe in or have faith only in times of need. Although it is tempting to focused on any other aspects of our life rather than religion it is very important to cultive our spirit in any way.

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