Grace Revealed by a non-religous person

Use this forum to discuss the May 2020 Book of the month, "Grace Revealed: Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis" by Frederick J. Sievert.
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Re: Grace Revealed by a non-religous person

Post by anaplasticCerebrum »

I feel like non-religious people who have read and understand the Bible as a historical text may find more in the book, but perhaps other books could be more helpful if this isn't the case. It all depends on your approach, but the religious allusions and messages may be too distracting if you're seeking advice or inspiration for anxiety and depression.

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Post by Fem187 »

Grace revealed is indeed a religious book but trust me it can be enjoyed by all. You just have to read with open mind a take whatever you read with a pint of salt.

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Post by szanta3030 »

I think it's really hard to tell if you would enjoy it, because every non-religious person is different. Some know Bible very well. Your opinion may also depend on the culture you were raised in. I'd recommend just reading and checking out.

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Eva Stoyanova
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Post by Eva Stoyanova »

Same goes for me. I don't consider myself as religious and I'm thinking whether to start reading the book or not. Based on the reviews, it seems like it's a powerful book worth reading. Probably I could give it a try and see what comes up.
"You can be more aware and more present simply by resting in the present moment, open to all that is, without trying to control it or grasp it with the mind. Truly, a marvelous way of being!"

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Rael C
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Post by Rael C »

I believe this book is suitable for anyone, whether religious or not.You only need to read it with an open mind and I know you'll get great lessons from it.Happy reading.

Ana Victoria2002
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Post by Ana Victoria2002 »

Although part of my family is religious, I have never fully familiarized myself with Christianity or other religions. I have not so long ago read a book about God and the relationship between worshippers and church. I must confess that I still have a long way to go until I can truly understand religion. However, I do think that a big part of religions are interpreted and the notions that people feel can sometimes interfere with their take on religion.

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Post by Angatia »

Depicting from the title, this book aims at reviving lost hope and faith. It’s a foundation of hope and inspiration. Grace, like blood cells, happens to be in veins of every living creature from my point of view. Let’s give appreciation to the author for the hard work, tremendous efforts, and time that she invested in the birth of this masterpiece.

Ana Victoria2002
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Post by Ana Victoria2002 »

Manali_DC wrote:
29 May 2020, 03:26
I too am non-religious and not familiar with the Bible! However, the common theme in most religious books is goodness in human beings, kindness, being helpful, to bear a crisis or suffering with grace and fortitude. I agree with the previous comment that most readers would probably enjoy the book by looking less at specifics and more at the general message.
I think that what is really interesting about this book is how it does not portray other characters being kind, it showcases the inner strength of any person and how they can connect with religion in desperate times and keep their faith,

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Post by Tars »

As non-religious person it is really hard for me to read such books, because they seem to proclaim unrealistic outlook on life. In my opinion, atheist often equals pragmatic so absolute goodness is quite unbelievable to our eyes.

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Post by Miks_solon »

I consider myself as a passive Christian. I must confess that reading Christian books or anything about faith is quite disturbing for me. But through reading, I was able to gradually learn how to manage the guilt I always feel.
"Sometimes we need fantasy to survive the reality"

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Divergent fire
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Post by Divergent fire »

I think, Grace Revealed by a non religious person would be more powerful.

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Post by riyosha »

After reading these posts, I might check this book out
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Cyrus Michino
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Post by Cyrus Michino »

There are so many Biblical quotes in this book. Recommending this book to an Atheist would just be mocking him or her. On the brighter side, there are lessons and words of encouragements to each and every person, on a very personal level. The book touches on Sexual abuse, emotional torture giving accounts of experiences of different people. This book, therefore, resonates with an individual on different levels. I'd recommend it to non-religious persons.

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Post by drperico »

Whether you are a believer or not, you can learn so much from this book. I agree that perception is everything and you do not have to be religious to benefit from the lessons it teaches because in my opinion those lessons apply to the general life of everyone not just religious people.

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Post by Njoxs-19 »

Other than religion, you will still find basic life lessons that I think will benefit you. It's also a nice read that can pull you towards religion.

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