Overall rating and opinion of "Zona: The Forbidden Land" by Fred G. Baker

Use this forum to discuss the July 2020 Book of the month, "Zona: The Forbidden Land" by Fred G. Baker.
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Zona: The Forbidden Land" by Fred G. Baker

Post by readsbyarun »

THe book is equally blended with Sci-fi and the relationship and romance. The story is narrated in a steady pace that makes the reader gripped with the story till the end. I gave 3 out of 4 stars because of the too much of information contained in the story.
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Post by Palfree »

I give Zona three stars. I liked the mystery and adventure aspects of the story. However, I thought that the author focused too much on the romantic relationships between the characters.
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Post by Leecedar »

Palfree wrote:
> I give Zona three stars. I liked the mystery and adventure aspects of the
> story. However, I thought that the author focused too much on the romantic
> relationships between the characters.

I don't know that I would exactly call it "romantic". It's more like "in heat."
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Post by Faithmwangi »

My overall rating would be 3 stars. As someone who enjoys sci go fantasy novels, I found this to be a perfect fit for me. The additional romance made it even more enjoyable. The pacing, however, was a bit slow.
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Post by Kgeldof29 »

I only gave this 2 stars. It started off strong but I felt like Grant was too trusting even after being told not the trust ANYONE! It became a little slow for me as they traveled through Zona. I also thought the part about the land controlling the sexual drive was a bit too much. I mean, these people were in danger, had suffered the loss of multiple team members in a very violent manner and they all hadn't showered in weeks. Just seemed like a stretch. Also, I would have liked some questions answered at the end. In light of not giving anything away, I won't post them but I would like to know what ended up happening to the remaining people.
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Post by Haywhyre7 »

diana lowery wrote:
> I rated this as 3 out of 4. Even though I don't normally like science
> fiction, the beginning of the book did not have that feel, and I became
> hooked on the plot. I felt like it became more unbelievable as time went
> on, however, and I liked it less and less toward the end.
I had this feeling too... I struggled in identifying whether it was fantasy or sci-fi
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Post by Kael »

Fast start but got boring as it went on
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Post by Odette Chace »

I second many of the posts on here. At first, the work seemed suspenseful and like it was building up to a great reveal... and then it's like the author decided to change genres once the expedition began. I was taken aback by the conversations with the wolves as the rest of the book seemed to be at least somewhat rooted in scientific possibilities. I was very disappointed with the ending and annoyed that we never found out why Boris wanted Randall's journal - why Irina was spying on Grant.
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Post by Amisco_gimbiya »

I'm not really into science fiction but found the book interesting because of the suspense; that makes you want to keep reading.

I rate it 3 out of 4
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Post by Ada Ling »

I would give it 3 out of 4 stars. This book is packed with great details of the adventure. I also like the twisted plots. However, I think the middle part can be a little bit thinner.
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Post by Ed Emmanuel »

The plot started very well when the book started, though I lost it after the first few chapters. I will rate the book three out of four stars. I recommend the book to science fiction lovers.
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Post by Purneemaa »

The last science fiction book I read was Worldlines by Adam Guest. This is my second book in the same genre. Anyway the start was awesome but story did get really slow as it progressed. I loved the plot, but didn't like the fact that it became less interesting as the story progressed. Overall, a decent read.
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Post by Chiawa »

This book is quite interesting. I enjoyed the suspense and mystery with a mix of romance in the plot. It is a good read for those that love sci- fic, fantasy and mystery. I will rate this book 3 out of 4 because the fantasy seemed a bit unrealistic.
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Post by Ebube_ »

"ZONA: The forbidden Land by Fred G Baker" Taylor gets into a situation that makes him seek Uncle Randell's whereabouts, which eventually turns into a fascinating adventure!

Hmmm, what more can I say, I was so engulfed with the build-up, the suspense, and a whole lot more.

I love everything about the storyline.The build up to the storyline is actually verbose and that's the only shortcoming I could discern.

Reminds me of the popular Harry Potter series.
This's definitely a must read for adventure lovers.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars
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Latest Review: Zona: The Forbidden Land by Fred G. Baker

Post by Jessluvs2read3 »

I gave Zona 4 stars. I absolutely loved this book! I loved the mystery that unravels around Zona, from the different land masses to the unusual plants and animals. The only thing I dislike about this book is that there is no sequel. I recommend this book to those that enjoy adventure and mystery.
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