Largest Obstacle to the expedition

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Re: Largest Obstacle to the expedition

Post by Priyanka2304 »

I strongly agree that alcohol was intervening a lot with the characters. It made the characters vulnerable to all the troubles.
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Post by Essywa »

Definitely excessive alcohol consumption was the obstacle that led to the rise of other problems during the expedition.
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Post by Ify_Reviewer »

I agree that alcohol was a major obstacle but then it wouldn't have been so much of an obstacle if they had trust, unity, and cooperation among them.
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Post by tjportugal »

The_Vivian wrote: 01 Jul 2020, 16:17 Alcohol may have been one of their obstacles, but in my opinion, I think the largest of all was the lack of trust amongst them. If they had trusted each other, the alcohol would have been a minor obstacle.
I completely agree with you. Lack of trust was a lot more harmful than alcohol abuse because it detroys the fabric of the community of people that make the expedition.
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Post by Samantha Gayle »

I think I agree with you that the alcohol consumption definitely lent itself to some pitfalls. However, I think it’s a great show of creating humanity in the characters, as alcohol can get in the way of the best of people and intentions .
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Post by shravsi »

Many point towards alcohol for all problems, though it's is true in some way,it cannont be the only reason. Alcohol just amplifies the hidden feelings and cracks present in humans.
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Post by Unique Ego »

Alcohol caused a lot of issues that could have been avoided but I feel the greater obstacle was lack of proper communication and trust.
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Post by Porcupineapple15 »

From the sounds of it, (I have not completed the book yet) it seems as if alcohol might have led to most of the poor judgement or lack thereof, but sadly it seems that Grant struggled the most. I honestly felt quite bad for him while reading the first few chapters and the synopsis of the story. Alcohol mixed with adventure can either make for a really fun time or a dreadfully awful one!
IchbineinBerliner wrote: 03 Jul 2020, 10:47
Topsey wrote: 01 Jul 2020, 16:41 I don’t think it was purely the alcohol that was the problem but rather human error. Through human error or human weaknesses, they created their own obstacles such as miscommunication, dishonestly, excessive alcohol consumption etc.
Don't you think the alcohol made the human errors worse? For example, human error was a tremendous problem for Grant long before the expedition began, but I think alcohol compounded the problem. Perhaps he would have forgotten important meetings and left papers lying around carelessly even if he were completely sober, but alcohol always makes us less efficient, at best.
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Post by Beatus »

In another perspective, the alcohol factor made sense of the troubles they faced and thus the story's catalyst.The comments here show just that.
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Post by Ediomis_Enwongo01 »

Tangible things like alcohol may not really pose a problem as emotions would do. To me, mistrust was the greatest obstacle.
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Post by Chiagbanwe »

They had problems such as lack of communication, lack of trust etc. Now, with alcohol, each person just creates a world of his own for himself thereby worsening their communication problems. So, alcohol was like a major catalyst for almost every problem they had.
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Post by Teele »

Yes, alcohol was the major culprit. Turning things upside down as usual. It led to errors that could have been avoided.
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Post by Sjtoy »

Although I agree thst alcohol, at times, did cause more harm than good for the explorers, I felt the largest obstacle was the mystery of Zona itself. Although Max knew what to expect, I feel the majority of the team did not realize what they were getting themselves into. Because of the security, electric fence, and guns, they seemed to feel too secure and were not truly prepared for the dangers in Zona.
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Post by Kreads1 »

I personally feel that the greatest obstacle was the characters themselves. Each decision that was made, including the over indulgence of alcohol, helped or hindered the expedition. The abundance of life in Zona would not be possible if Zona itself was the greatest obstacle. It would be unlikely that the area would thrive otherwise. This is a really interesting discussion and I enjoyed reading through the responses.
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Post by apayne310 »

I think alcohol mixed and the lack of trust are both concurrently the biggest issues. I have a very low tolerance for alcohol abuse and so I found that to be very frustrating.
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