Is Grant a good protagonist

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Re: Is Grant a good protagonist

Post by lavenderbooks20 »

Personally, I find a fictional character strong and well-written not only when he/she is able to exhibit human nature in a realistic way, but also if he/she is memorable. I can’t put it into words exactly but you knew when you encounter a character that you relate with and piques your sympathy. Certainly, Grant was a realistic character and he propelled the story but he wasn’t a particularly memorable character for me.
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Post by marcie_sheeraw »

grant is a good protagonist. he has his flaws too which made him likeable
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Post by Cyrus Michino »

It depends on what category of "good" you classify Grant. In my own general opinion, Grant becomes a weak character as the tale advances.
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Post by Christiana+- »

I think the main point of this is just for him to be one of those that influence things, because if I will have to agree that his a good protagonist then his involvement in the story should not have faded away like that.
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Post by Adeniyi+samson- »

It's not every character that must last for a long time to make it a good one. I believe grant is a good protagonist.
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Post by Saint Bruno »

Being vulnerable makes a character very relatable. While Grant may not be a strong and perfect character, I believe he is a good protagonist who represents how most of us are.
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Post by Budhal »

I think Grant is just like any other human being. His flaws makes him believable. Grant being without any flaws would have made him hard to believe or relate to.
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Post by adhambakry »

We must keep in mind that the protagonist is also a human with weaknesses and insecurities. Yes, Grant is a good protagonist, he found the bravery to go search for his uncle, but he found himself weak in front of Irina(which can be considered an obstacle).
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Post by SarahShebl »

Anna Dougherty wrote: 01 Jul 2020, 12:25 I think that the protagonist of the story does not have to be an exceptionally good person to be the main character in a book. I believe that his character flaws are important to the plot.
I totally agree with out. I think that the flaws of a character are what define him and the key to character development.
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Post by Helen91 »

If we think of the protagonist as a person, we would have no problem with them being flawed. Human beings are flawed.
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Post by dm1971 »

Yes, I think that despite all those unsmart decisions and actions, Grant IS a good protagonist. This is because for a protagonist to be good (in my opinion), he/she has to have flaws and relatable. We all have sexual urges, and we can all, in a way, relate to Grant.
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Post by A Y reviews »

I believe Grant as a character did well. He had issues like every normal person should and but he also performed well.
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Post by Book Lover7 »

He is a good protagonist. He is just like another human who is good with flaws. It made us to feel like we are listening to a person who is close to us.
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Post by Wyzdomania_Gskillz »

For an adventurous fantasy story, the virtues of bravery, courage, dedication and caution are in my opinion, very key character traits for a good protagonist. He didn't have or need to be perfect in his personality, or it would have been too good to be true anyways.
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Post by dianaterrado »

Ferdinand_otieno wrote: 01 Jul 2020, 03:31 Grant is a likeable character in the beginning of the book when he is dedicated to finding his uncle. He shows bravery and dedication while also exercising caution in trusting those in the expedition. He however finds himself in a sexual relationship with Irina despite his distrust, and she was only one of many unwise interactions with women. Despite his unique and exciting bond to wolves I found him a subpar protagonist.
What is your opinion of Grant as a protagonist and why?
I think all of Grant's flaws make him an all the more relatable character. Everyone is far from perfect and I don't think you have to be a necessarily good person to be a book's protagonist. I think the more imperfect a character is, the more relatable and believable she/he is. After all, aren't we all?
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