Is Sex really necessary?

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Re: Is Sex really necessary?

Post by ohlendorfbe »

cameronleung wrote: 23 Aug 2020, 19:04 I am also confused with the book's constant sex scenes. It makes sense that the expeditioners would want to have sex and reproduce because they're the only humans in Zona, but it didn't have to be so free and frequent. I was not fond of these instances especially since it seemed to affect the women more and sexualize them. I think many of these parts could have been included just to appeal to the audience that enjoys erotic content.
I agree with you! And where is a writer's conscience when he writes something just to appeal to more readers????
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Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

Personally, I don't see anything g wrong in the sex scene, I think the author waste to accommodate many readers like those that enjoy romantic read.
Inasmuch as, sex didn't go well in this type of book but, it isn't a distraction.
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Post by Katielvs2read »

I find more times than not, sexual scenes are either a way to get from one scene to another without a lot of thought or a way to show the fault of human nature. Sometimes it's nice to know that someone that seems inhuman, actually has those thoughts and urges. You can sympathize and empathize with characters more when they seem more on our level. Occasionally, you do need to throw in a sexual encounter for those needing the thrill :wink:
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Post by Nonny2208 »

For me, the inclusion of sexual content is not really necessary as without it I feel the storyline would actually be better. Nevertheless, the inclusion helps to captivate the minds of some readers. Romance can be included, but the sexual content shouldn't be too explicit.
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Post by Merix »

I really think sexual approach and impression kind of matter but a little bit. And it also depends on sexual emotion, if pulled-up by u. Then it can't be any worry or disaster at all. What has been compromised to bid positively, is not a sin.
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Post by blessing_bona »

Sex wasn't entirely out of place. It's true that Grant had so much on his hands. But, he was a human character; young, at that.
It's only natural for humans to squeeze time to fulfill their natural urges. It happens all the time, so the author didn't entirely lose it.
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Post by adhambakry »

I don't think the sexual content in this book was necessary. Logically, Grant couldn't have had the desire for sexual intercourse with all the danger and stress surrounding him.
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Post by eddhee_ »

The fact that the author included sex in the book depicts the human nature in us as exhibited by Grant. So, it was not totally out of place.
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Astrid H
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Post by Astrid H »

Sushan wrote: 01 Jul 2020, 10:37 Despite all the dangers and the exhaustion from the expedition, Grant, the protagonist, finds time for sexual encounters.

Has the author depicted the true human nature? Or is this inclusion just to attract the readers who are fond of sexually explicit content? Is sexual content really necessary for fiction?
I really don’t think it should have been included in the book so I agree with you on this one. Such scenes feel like a waste of time and pages for a reader and can even ruin the experience of the book.
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Post by Helen91 »

It's not necessary to the story. But I think the author is trying to portray how even in the midst of an important assignment, humans would still indulge these urges.
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Post by dm1971 »

To answer your question, sex is not necessary. However, the inclusion of it could mean the the author intended the book for adults, not children. I see that in mainstream media, including sex scenes is routine. I think that is what's happening in this novel.
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Post by Drado_27 »

I don't think that it is necessary. It might depend on the reader, but I find those repetitive scenes distasteful and redundant. However, I do think that a little bit of sexual content can be included for the book to feel natural and realistic.
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Post by _Bokeh »

I wouldn't say sex was entirely unnecessary for the sake of procreation. It could, however, have been skipped or roughly mentioned... I just feel like too much sexual content, especially in non-romance books is sometimes cringe worthy.
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Post by AJ_Williams011 »

In some instances—such as surviving the end of the world or saving it—I always find it bothering when characters find the time to explore sexual endeavors at a time of crisis. I mean, if it was me, I'd be mostly freaking out or occupied by overthinking to set them aside. So for me, sex isn't a necessary aspect especially when it doesn't flow well into the storyline.
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Post by Fabulous mind »

For this kind of book, I think the sex aspect should have been left out. Although the author might be using it to entice other readers who love romance, I still think he should have left it out.
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