Animal/Human connections- To what extent is this science “fiction”?

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Re: Animal/Human connections- To what extent is this science “fiction”?

Post by marcie_sheeraw »

i believe human and animal connection does exist. most of us can see from the connection we have with our pets. grant and shadow did have that connection
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Post by Cyrus Michino »

Communication occurs in very many forms. For a human to connect with an animal, it needs more than words and vocals. Body language can help during such occurrences.
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Post by Lhammamy »

The basic concept of human/animal communication is real for sure. However I believe for the fantasy matter the author elaborated in it to an unrealistic stage.
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Post by EudoraMac »

Maybe animal/human communication cannot be as explicit and delineated as some of the conversations between Grant and "Shadow", but it isn't totally unrealistic for a deep, almost unbreakable connection to exist between a human and an animal.
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Post by antilochos »

Leen282 wrote: 07 Jul 2020, 04:10 I believe such efficient communication can exist, obviously not based on speech but based on body language.
Yeah, I agree. While this isn't as obvious and widespread in real life, such communications exist. I think it's great that the book was able to incorporate these types of relationships.
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Post by iknwuzoh »

Yes of course. Humans can communicate with animals. I remember talking with a bird sometime ago. I could understand what the bird was saying. God made things that way, but corruption and godlessness seems to make it seem unrealistic, but it is real.
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Post by Havilaobito »

I am totally in support and agree to the fact that humans and animals can communicate and have close relationship with each other. Like seem in the book there is an obvious connection between Grant and shadow
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Post by Nqobile771 »

I do believe that communication between human and animals does exist, although it is limited.
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Post by adhambakry »

It is indeed possible. If you spent enough time with any animal, regardless of its docility, you will establish a connection with it. Needless to say, the more time spent with animal, the stronger the bond.
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Post by cturnerwill »

I thought the human connection was quite timely. Unlike the other scenarios when the explorers confronted the wild wolves, it ended treacherously-the animals attacted the traveling victims. In contrast, when Grant made connection with the animals, it was my first indication that other humans existed that developed relations with wolves. I am not convinced that it was a science fiction episode or coincidental of the relationships they had developed with other humans close by in the territory.
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Post by Steven Samuel »

Adrianna Melillo wrote: 06 Jul 2020, 07:21 Grant has an obvious connection with “Shadow.” While it seems a little more in-depth than even some of the strongest human/animal connections we know exist, is it totally unrealistic? Is it possible for a human to communicate so efficiently with another animal?
I would say it's quite realistic for people to have deep connections with animals, I've seen and read about it. So it's a ‘yes’ from me.
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Post by SarahShebl »

I believe that humans can interact with animals through sign language; I know for a fact that some experiments were done on apes to teach them sign language and it worked to a great extent. Of course in fantasy and science fiction books like this one, the interaction can be exaggerated.
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

I believe you can communicate with animals, although understanding verbally what a "woof" means is a little far fetched. However, communication through body language and voice tone does exist. I believe animals understand human words through association. For instance, my dog understands that when I say, "Do you want to go on a walk?" that he needs his leash.
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Post by bjoly2 »

I absolutely think there are unspoken connections between humans and animals. As far as the book goes, it felt like the connection between Grant and Shadow came about fairly quickly, and all of a sudden, he was talking to the dog. I would have liked a bit more build-up or explanation around that storyline. The relationship between the two of them was more fantasy than reality, but as were many other aspects of life in Zona, so it seemed to work.
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Post by Jessluvs2read3 »

Maybe not to the extent of hearing animals in your head like the book, but I do believe this communication already exists at a more basic level. Animals sense things from humans and can tell if they have the right intentions. Animals are also sensitive to changes in energy and act accordingly. I like to believe that my cats and I understand one another, lol
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