Unforbid the "Forbidden Land"

Use this forum to discuss the July 2020 Book of the month, "Zona: The Forbidden Land" by Fred G. Baker.
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Re: Unforbid the "Forbidden Land"

Post by Laura Mich »

Sjtoy wrote: 21 Jul 2020, 14:08 The explorers had to get special permits from their government just to go on their trip. In order for Zona to no longer be forbidden, I feel expeditions would need to return with evidence of what Zona has to offer. Even then, I feel the government in this story would only allow select groups to go- not only because of the danger but also because of the potential wealth they could gain from the plants and animals within.
Explorers would not sojourn the land of Zona without special permit from the government. In addition, animals like wolves and other special nature thrived best in absence of humans.
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Zona should remain the forbidden land to help preserve the plants and animal as the author puts it in the book. However, in a scenario where Zona could be unforbidden do you think the interaction could change, like humans could cause negative impacts to the unforbidden land.
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Post by Hames »

The government regulates Zona because it believes that it is unsafe. But the governmentcan make it safe by removing all the things that makes it forbidden.
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Post by MayaRegina »

Humans are naturally dominant species so anything they occupy, they have to dominate as we are all aware in real life. Zona was forbidden so wolves, tundras and other species will thrive undisturbed. Maybe allow access to some people who can find cures or something but to make profit from it or milk it dry for ones advantage is a scenario we are all familiar with.
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Zona will eventually be "unforbidden" as more people become interested in the mysterious deaths of those who never return. Somebody is going to slip up and reveal it.
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Just the danger of being in such a cold place likely makes the place "forbidden." Even in the U.S., one has to have a permit of some sort to go to state parks, some places are more popular than others (I hear) and it's hard to "get in" - it's like there's a waiting list or something. Although there may be more to it than that (if you haven't read the book I don't want to spoil it), the whole thing seems more foreboding, I think, because Russian's still stereotypically don't convey friendliness and laxity with rules. Unless you know friendly Russians.
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Post by zainherb »

I guess we should ask if Zona should be made Unforbidden.

How can it be Unforbidden? Well, the same government that made it forbidden would have to change that. Or, a different government.

I do think it should stay Unforbidden though.
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