Science Fiction vs Fantasy

Use this forum to discuss the July 2020 Book of the month, "Zona: The Forbidden Land" by Fred G. Baker.
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Ana Victoria2002
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Re: Science Fiction vs Fantasy

Post by Ana Victoria2002 »

rumik wrote:
> The lines between science fiction and fantasy often get blurred, they're
> both lovely genres so I see no faults in this book leaning more towards one
> or the other.

I totally agree with you. Although there are some differences between one genre and the other, they still have a lot of similarities that allow writers to perhaps mix both of them throughout the story
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Post by Chikom »

The science fiction and fantasy in this novel kind of balance. You can't say one is more than the other!
OB Brian
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Post by OB Brian »

Koketso1998 wrote:
> This novel is a must for science fiction and mystery lovers. I say it's a
> science fiction due to the altercations between characters and animals.
Agreed. After all, fantasy books are mostly categorized as sci-fi and vice versa
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Post by _tiyaah »

Science fiction and fantasy are so closely related that sometimes one can be confused for the other and that is what happened in the book it was more fantasy than sci-fi
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Post by Yasmira_M »

The book is already fantasy and I don't really think science fiction areas where needed. The book is a combination of both mixed with perfect synchronicity.
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Post by lavenderbooks20 »

I think it is rightfully categorized as science fiction. I don’t think you need an enormous amount of elements of sci-fi for it to be considered sci-fi. Some books are more subtle.
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Post by mraphael1 »

I think that science fiction and fantasy can be blended together and the author can mix together the genres. Also sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the two genres. I personally like both genres and don't mind if the novel leans towards one or the other.
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Post by marcie_sheeraw »

i felt the book was science fictrion although one couldn't tell right away but as you keep on reading the book it definitely comes through and one can see the science fiction.
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Post by himawari333 »

Nowadays, with the incorporation of elements from multiple genres becoming more and more trendy, I would say that this style of writing is perfectly normal. As we shift from the clear-cut genres and writing styles of classical and modern literature, experimental writing is becoming more apparent in contemporary literature or what some are calling "post-postmodernism". Writers are constantly looking for new ways to express their art in our constantly growing "global community". One of my writing professors actually attributed this to people recognizing that knowledge is interdisciplinary, and therefore should not be categorized into boxes. Much like how some see mathematical equations as poetic or artistic as patterns begin to emerge within them, elements of literary genres such as science fiction and fantasy can blend together in varying concentrations to further the story. After all, it wasn't really that long ago when science and magic were considered one and the same.
Patag Ghosal
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Post by Patag Ghosal »

Both science fiction and fantasy are closely inter-related genres with a lot of commonalities. I think what separates true science fiction from fantasy is the former has advanced science and futuristic tech as elements of fiction while fantasy involves magic and otherworldly realms. I really liked the fictional elements in this book and I feel that this is another example of what I feel is a blend of both.
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Post by Kevivas03 »

The sci-fi presented in this book was minimal. I also was expecting star-ships or something from the word that is according to the given genre, then again the fantasy we saw later in the book can still be counted as sci-fi. It's just a different style. Different styles are a breath of fresh air!
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Post by antilochos »

I think that the book is mainly fantasy and that it only mixes up elements of science fiction, instead of being a mashup of those genres...
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Post by Adebi »

Science fiction and fantasy are so closely related that sometimes one can be confused for the other and so even though the book had some splash that made it seem as though it was fantasy I feel it was science fiction
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Post by adhambakry »

It all depends on the book. But I believe that the science fiction in this book was sufficient and it was introduced in the right time. It was introduced when the adventure began.
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Post by dm1971 »

I thought the book mixes elements of science fiction and fantasy, not necessarily it being a pure science fiction or fantasy novel. The lost world part of the book is fantasy, while the hormones and chemicals falls under the science fiction part.
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