Double Standard: Anti-aging & Accelerated Pregnancies

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Re: Double Standard: Anti-aging & Accelerated Pregnancies

Post by Nhitra »

I notice it too but I don't mind it because isn't these kinds of thing that makes science fiction enjoyable, making something impossible possible, adding more to the fiction element of the science fiction genre
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Melissa Breen
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Post by Melissa Breen »

This is an interesting observation. I took them both up as health-positive reasons and being from the same type of science rather than anything that would fight against each other
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Post by Budhal »

A interesting point! But I don't think it was intended by the author. I think it is just about the way you look at it.
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Post by readsbyarun »

I honestly didn't see It double standard. I would rather appreciate the author's idea to keep the narration in this way to make the story more interesting,
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Post by Adedayo+23 »

Well observed, but it's likely that was not the author's intention. It was probably the latent effect the growth hormones had on pregnancies.
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Post by jdsatosk »

rahilshajahan wrote:
> It could be intended. I think the author thought the babies would grow
> faster given their parents being much healthier than they would be in the
> outside world.
> For the point about anti-aging, the growth hormones simply grow your bones
> and muscles, thus improving their strength. The doctor, Petrowski, says
> that he 'feels' ten years younger. There's no direct claim by the author as
> to whether the residents of Zona are not aging. Great observation though!

Good catch that the author doesn’t outright say Zona is anti-aging. I guess you just have to assume the increased health speeds up the cell development process. If the fetus is growing at an accelerated rate, the human body would have to birth it before it grew too big to be pushed out.
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Clorinda Donovan
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Post by Clorinda Donovan »

I doubt the author intended a double standard, but the fantastical part was meant to be, well, fantastic. That is probably why there was an oversight.
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Post by Yasmira_M »

It is really odd as they clearly contradict each other. The author's intention or ignorance of the contradiction is really interesting. I would like to know if it was intended or not.
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Post by Leandra81 »

I also noticed this double standard, and I think it was an oversight because it simply didn't make sense. But that's just my opinion.
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Post by VSuraj »

I think it was intended by the author. Because the whole thing about Zona was how much healthier and stronger they felt. So I saw the accelerated pregnancy as part of that, a rejuvenation of the processes taking place in their bodies.
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Post by marcie_sheeraw »

i also noticed the double standard but I think it was not intended by the author
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Post by AbhyarnaAman »

as it is a fictional plot, it would be wrong to judge the intentions of the author. I believe that the antiageing effect has the same impact as the accelerated pregnancies that are well being and productive life.
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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

I questioned this as well but thought maybe it had something to do with gender and age. Maybe becoming pregnant triggered the anti-aging in pregnant females different than it did in others. Good question.
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Post by RachelEmmanuel »

Haywhyre7 wrote: 01 Aug 2020, 15:23 I observed this too and it struck me as odd as well... I don't think it was intended by the author though. I feel the hormones improved their strength and didn't necessarily prevent then from ageing so I think the accelerated pregnancies is based on their increased health and strength
I agree. Inside the womb the development of the child is not technically aging. Aging is caused by the slowing down or dying of cells whereas development is caused by accelerated growth or multiplication of cells. Therefore, I don't think the two are contradictory.
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Post by m+c4 »

It could be that a person will age until they reach a certain age and then stop ageing or age much slower thereafter. So the accelerated pregnancy has everything to do with the foetus and nothing to do with the mom.
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