Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

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Ojilong Christopher
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Re: Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

Post by Ojilong Christopher »

Well I say the book is in fact based out of experience in child hood journeys l like because it reminds me how it felt being in school, small, poor.this brings out the life we left behind and how better were now

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Post by ivana7 »

I like the primary theme being addressed, a kid who loves music and dreams of becoming a great and famous musician. I don't think I would enjoy reading this book completely because of the violence that is being described, but I believe that the topic is well addressed and that a certain readership might enjoy it more.

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Post by SomeoneInTheWorld »

This sounds like a book I would really like to read. I hope that Oris get a happy ending. Thanks for the great review!

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Post by wendilou49 »

Thanks for the review; it has inspired me to read this book to find out all the details of Art Fairy and how she affects childhood's dreams. I'm going to order it now.

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Post by KimberlyS88 »

Because of the abuse I will have to pass on reading this book. However, I did enjoy reading your review!

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Post by Jeno2018 »

Thank you for your review. It clarifies the book for me, as I tried to read it to review and had to stop. I was unsure if it had been translated or written that way on purpose. The metaphors made very little sense to me and therefore the meaning was lost. I agree their is quite a lot of profanity. As an educator I really do wish the meaning was a little clearer so more educators could benefit from it.

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Post by Aquilis »

Seems like an interesting story, perhaps a little similar to bridge to terabitha considering how the imaginary and real run side by side through the story.

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Post by Falconcrest »

It is rear to find an artist that has been nurtured from an early age to excel with their god given talents. Often the road for a true artiste, is a rough one and filled with so many obstacles. I can relate to a couple of themes in this book and hope to be reading it soon. Thanks for the wonderful review.

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Post by AKLegend12 »

This book had an excellent theme and moral but it was not the perfect book. This was because of the excessive use of literary devices which could easily confuse the reader.

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Post by CM900 »

Wow that impression about fairy is really facinating ! I would really like to read this book in my free time !

Alice Ngugi
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Post by Alice Ngugi »

I am not sure I want to read yet another fantasy book that tells of a world where dreams come true.. Because it doesn't really exist. I would rather live in the real broken world without false hopes. Great review though

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Post by Maconstewart »

This sounds like an amazing book! I am a great lover of all artistry and feel like we really do hinder so many potential great artists in our current system.

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Post by zeus_dy15 »

Based on your review, this may be a great read because the author calls out the current educational system that hinders the true talents of children. It makes me want to add this in my bookshelf because I liked how you pointed out the combination of fantasy and reality in one book.

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Beata hoff
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Post by Beata hoff »

I will definitely be reading this book. From your review it sounds like it could be a ‘life changing experience’ kind of book. As a mother of two artistic kids this is something that I am also dealing with - how to nurture their art while the system tries to put them in little boxes.

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Post by SweetEchoJenn »

Thanks for the review. I agree that should be able to discover their talents and dreams without oppression.

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