Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

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Re: Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

Post by Momiji1987 »

I really like the theme of music and broken dreams. I also like the parallel world idea. I’ll check it out.

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Post by Shwetasona15 »

It sounds like a good read if one can focus of plus points of the book and overlook errors. It's not something I'd generally pick but with the theme being so realistic and yet set in a mixture of fantasy and reality it feels like a good read. Thanks for the review! Will make sure to check it out

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Post by Kelyn »

I think the author is absolutely correct in saying that our school systems favor 'teaching to the test' and cramming for exams far above nurturing the creative side of children. I have to disagree, however, with your thoughts on the mistakes. The massive number of them, coupled with the needless vulgarity, had me being thrilled that the sample had ended. I won't be reading this one, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the review!

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Post by Hi_low »

This sounds like a good read. A social critique combined with a good theme almost always makes for a good book. Education should try to enhance the mind and knowledge of a student equally. The arts should be just as important as the academics.

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Post by amandathebibliophile »

Wow. Your review is so good that I might have to bump this story up to the top of my list! As both a teacher and a parent (and lover of metaphor 🧐), I’m hearing your recommendation. Thanks!

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Post by Mr Benji »

The " Art Fairy" is a wonderful book that has an interesting plot.

I would love to find out how many of Oris dreams came through.

Next, how such Fairy could make such dreams come through.

Moreover, thank you for the informative review.

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Post by The-happy-reader-7 »

Definitely a beautiful message of nurturing talent. It sounds emotionally gripping yet inspiring!

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Post by Susmita Biswas »

Art Fairy by Floras Athena is the story of Oris who wants to be a musician. I feel very sad for him. His situation is very bad.
Susmita Roy :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by TheTrueNyree »

Bullies are a big problem today, so maybe it would be nice for a child to read of a happier place. Unfortunately, we know they wont actually be able to go to a parallel world to avoid the attacks from bullies in real life. I do think.more time should be spent on developing children's strengths or talents. I dont think I will read this one , but congratulations on BOTD.

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Post by Disneyland »

Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena presents a complete picture of the story of the book including the strong and weak points! I like the story of the book as this is exactly my concept of life - harsh reality followed by a bright ending! The theme of nourishing the real talent of a child rather than involving them in a senseless race of grades in school exams has been fully emphasized!

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Post by todwyer01 »

From a sampling, this seems like an interesting fantasy story about a bullied boy that becomes friends with a fairy and that fairy promises to take the boy to a better place in exchange for the boy giving up something. This might be worth a second look. Well done.

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Post by Lui Vanderbilt »

Love the way you have left the reviewer in suspense that Athena demanded something in return for Oris helping. Talent should be nurtured at young age to achieve mastery, thanks for the great Review BOTD

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Post by Nerea »

We all have to start from somewhere to be great in something. Oris experience is tough and heartbreaking. His parents and the bullies at school were a real threat to his greatness. How did he meet with Art Fairy? Did he ever become a great musician? Sounds like an incredible material to look at. Beautiful review you got there. Thanks.
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Post by Nivi Gideon »

I did come across quite a few good reviews regarding the book, although I do have a few questions about the plot line. Congratulations on BOTD.

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Post by siusantos »

Based on the title of the book, I assumed that this is a children's book. However, as I read the review, I find it hard to see my child reading this. There seems to be a lot of violence and negative energy surrounding this book.

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