Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

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Re: Official Review: Art Fairy by Floras Athena

Post by ParadoxicalWoman »

Another book to my ever growing list of to-be-read. This fiction book discuss about how the education system is the obstacle to developing the children's talent something that sets them apart from others and also the suffering that a kid has to go through in financially constraint yet insupportive parents for comparing their child to other children. As someone who suffered this comparison for so long, comparison with other children won't motivate you at all but it will cause you to be self-hatred and envy others. This is poisonous to our growth.
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Post by Samak »

This review is so easy to comprehend. Indeed childhood is the best time to develop talent, and educational system should be adjusted to promote and develop talent from lower school levels. This book is seeming to be fun and interesting with some levels of humour!

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Post by Josephe-Anne »

Well, the summary of this book sounds very brutal and upsetting, but unfortunately that is how life is sometimes. I hope that the story at least has a happy ending.

The author candidly points out flaws in the education system and offers suggestions for improvement. This is an excellent feature.

Thanks for your review.
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Post by Sam Ibeh »

The world has evolved and kids are getting smarter. I agree that the education system should do better in helping children develops their talents early. This is a very inspiring book.

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Post by Howlan »

It sounds like an intriguing read. Thanks for recommending this book!

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Post by Starprynz7 »

I don't think condemning the educational system is really the best thing for the young can be adjusted......a book about a kid not recommended for kids doesn't feel right.....thank you good review

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Post by Wordlessly »

I agree with the part of the education system being redundant and the unnecessary pressure put on children by parents. But this kind of book is not for me and the words should not act as a barrier for the readers to connect to the story, but rather enhance it. Unfortunately, the book does the former. Thank you for the review!

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Post by Fomukwin »

The book is a very interesting book except that the author uses so many metaphors and similes.However,the book is quite acknowledgeable of the fack that it makes parents to comprehend that "examination is not the true test of knowledge". Let's allow our kids to make choices on their career. Thanks

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Post by Beatus »

The struggle to achieve what your mind has conjured has proven to be the most difficult task ever. When we are able to develop a technology that can do that despite the financial, social, physical and even emotional interference we'd be the most advanced race the universe has ever harboured. Nice review.

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

A lot of the arts are being removed from education, despite the fact that there is evidence that learning an art such as music can make a child better at subjects such as math. The premise of this book, suggesting a greater weight be given back to the arts, is interesting.
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Post by Purti10 »

I agree with the author's point of view of today's education system. Every child is being forced to pass the exams only. Nobody is nurturing the talents of these young minds as they should. I liked the concept of the book. I would love to know what Oris has to give in exchange of fulfilling his dream. Thanks for the review!

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Post by simonfinest »

Sounds like a great book. Really, art work needs to be developed from a young age if the individual is to go far. Congrats on BOTD

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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

What is it with creative minds and a torturous upbringing? They seem to go hand in hand a lot of times. I know this book is fiction, but Oris's ordeal is very much a real situation. At least he had the world of Art Fairy to help him out. Thanks for this review.

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Post by Washboard »

While this sounds like a beautiful story comparing two world's, I don't know if I will enjoy a book that contains violence against children. I think I am going to pass on this one. I hope others enjoy it though! Great review!
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Post by OllyM »

I think all parents need to read this book, the review is also simple making one understand how captivating the book is.
Latest Review: Ana by Gary Hope

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