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Latest Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Re: Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Post by dragon_dennis99 »

This is deffinatly a story that got me hooked. I am doing my own review of this now, I am nearly finished reading it and I must say that your review is very on point with how this story goes along. There is repetition that is expected when there is one person in different universes who live similar lives. I think the story was captivating and I couldn't stop reading.
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Nehal Mitna
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Post by Nehal Mitna »

I'm currently reading this book. Your review is descriptive but still doesn't give away a lot of the story details. I am happy about that. I am intrigued how this story will unfold. Thanks for your review.
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Omega 6
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Latest Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Post by Omega 6 »

This book is one of the review I just completed. The story is so interesting that you can't help but yearn for more.
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Post by Drado_27 »

I've read this book and found it interesting. Love how you mentioned repetition and praised the author for clearly distinguishing particular wordlines. I enjoyed your review, keep up the good work.
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Post by Sres0 »

It's interesting because I enjoyed the repetition! I think Adam made them well enough to unequivocally show the reader what scene that was and still make the reading enjoyable by narrating it slightly different since it was told from other perspectives. I agree with you that the repetition might've been unavoidable, although I do think that Adam could've shortened more those repeated parts, just enough for the reader to know what the scene was and the difference between worldlines.

I would also like to add for anyone who hasn't read the book that the theory is so well explained that you don't need to have prior knowledge to understand it and, therefore, enjoy the book. Adam explains it with such ease that you will grasp the idea, I have no doubt. Great read, this one.
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Post by PdP+4245 »

After going through the review I am feeling that this book is gonna take me through a wonderful trip of suspense and scary imaginations of murder mystery. Thanks for noticing the repititions made by the author and pointing them out. I am definitely gonna add this book to my shelf.... Thank u🙂
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Post by _Bokeh »

Nice review! This book has been my favourite read this year, thanks to OBC
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Post by ShiraReads »

I am currently reading this book and I absolutely love it! The story is thrilling! Thanks for the review!
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Neenu B_S
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Post by Neenu B_S »

I currently completed reading this book and it was a great reading experience. Through a very simple language the author puts in the complex themes which are very comprehensive. I really loved the storyline.
Great review!!
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Pearl Akpan
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Post by Pearl Akpan »

just started reading this and while I’m not very sure of how the whole diverse worldlines approach may appeal to me, I hope it’s something worth reading overall. Thank you for your review.
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Post by Vivdija »

I read the book and I loved it. I this that the theory of Many Worlds is worth pondering over. I hope that this book has a sequel. I am glad I read the book. Good review.
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Post by emidio125 »

I really loved the idea behind the multiple realities things, however, there were things that need to be worked out in the book.
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Post by Devalsodha »

Worldliness seems to be a wonderful crime thriller.
Will definitely read this book.
Thank you for the wonderful review.
Daisy Deeh
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Post by Daisy Deeh »

i'm currently reading the book so far i can agree with you there's a lot of repetitions apart from that ,the book storyline flows perfectly fine. thank you
Daisy Deeh
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Post by Daisy Deeh »

The book should b edited thoroughly otherwise good review keep up.
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