Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

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Re: Featured Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Post by aaurba »

The book cover and title captured my attention, but it's the premise that got me intrigued and clicking on this review. The premise of having dreamt of killing someone then discovering that it might not be a dream after all is just too good not to read, so even if I'm not a fan of the science fiction literary genre, I am going to read this book. Thanks for writing such a brilliant review!
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Post by Roze KSJ »

Well, I have also read Worldlines and I think that the repetitions of text as Garys from other Worldlines are brought into the storyline help to confirm that all the Garys are the same, and the various manifestations are just outcomes of marginally different circumstances. This helps cement the presumption of the existence of Worldlines in the book.

It is true that the repetitions might prove to be a nuisance to some but if one looks at it this way, it might not seem too bad after all

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Post by Shannon6285 »

This sounds really good and interesting but maybe a little much for me! Thanks for the review!

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Post by Imperio »

I definitely have a scientifically wired mind, so perhaps I will find this book right for me! Thank you for your interesting review, it helped make sense of the intriguing title.

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Post by joenduga12 »

Ok. Science fiction! Well, the book Worldliness by Adam Guest have many repetitions, that in itself discourage me from reading it, because my time is precious to me. Regarding the scientific fiction of twist of taking control of one's body and so on, I think there is no need of dwelling in such unrealistic thoughts. I need something inspiring. But thanks to the review. It made me understood what the book is really all about.

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Post by Justjaal_ »

Great review! I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end, and I don't know why, but I got excited every time I read a repetition of the story from all the different versions of Gary because it made think that even when they lived through one different experience that changed everything in their lives, they are the same person, with the same thoughts. Every experience unlocked a hidden side of his persona, but in essence, in the little details, he was the same.

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Post by macleaney »

Wow, you did a great job of making the book's premise sound extremely interesting - I'm going to need to add it to my bookshelf to read some time soon. The idea of the multiverse has always fascinated me, even though it is completely mind-boggling.

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Post by Arun_Bohra »

Great storyline. Actually I was looking for a book with a similar story and now i found this. However repetition will make it a bit boring.

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Post by anua24060 »

I loved this book from the beginning to the ending. It is a unique and interesting story and had me hooked.

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Post by Etola »

I agree that there was a lot of repetition but I thought it necessary.

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Post by Lisbeth Neverland »

I feel like if I read this book I'll end up questioning all my dreams :lol2:

Great review!

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Post by Yasmira_M »

I absolutely loved reading this book. The author brings out such an interesting reality to dreaming. And the idea of a multiverse is very creative.

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Deu Isaac
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Post by Deu Isaac »

It's quiet fascinating especially when the dream seem realistic. Lucid, the dreamer is rotting in the jail, she's killed someone and a view. Although the picture portrays Garry, fate has it that multiverses literary depicts lucid's heinous dream.

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Post by KerriG 20 »

Your review is really great and informative.The idea that another version of me may exist in another timeline is in itself very scary.What if I read it and wake up in another universe? :D :D :D Good job though.Your review is great.

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Post by rahilshajahan »

From the review, the book seems really interesting. The talk of worldlines got me thinking of the anime 'Steins Gate'. The repetition of events leading to different outcomes is a common concept in multiverse fiction. I would love to take look at how he manages to connect them together with the different Garys.

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