Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

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baha Ibrahim
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Latest Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Re: Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Post by baha Ibrahim »

I think worldliness is a great book ,I loved Gary's life and the way the plot kept getting so intense, you would never knew what will happen next
:tiphat: Baha :tiphat:

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Post by Lizziemarcel »

This sounds to be an interesting read, though I'm not a fan of sci-fi books.
Thanks for a great review

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Post by bb587 »

This is an interesting twist on the multiverse theory. Generally, people would not be privy to their alter-selves, but in this book, Gary commits murder while dreaming, but really while he's in another multiverse as a different version of himself.

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Post by kathy2705 »

This seems like a book to help me stretch my imagination, the idea of one person having different versions of themselves is beyond me. A very well written review.

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Post by tarafarah7 »

Today's BOTD seems to have it all! This thought-provoking SciFi read has elements of fantasy, action, and suspense. Told in the 1st person POV readers will experience what's going in the 2 Garys' minds as they live out their own reality. Great review! Thank you!!

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Post by Samgum50 »

This is such a wonderful book. I can't recommend it enough. Even though I've already read it, I'm sure I'll re-read it again because it's very good. This is definitely a thought provoking read. I think it's interesting how the author portrayed the many world's theory in this book. Great review!

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Post by Amy+++ »

This book seems to have a sci-fi aspect to it with the plot and story line. Normally, I would be interested in a book like this, but I'm afraid that it's too confusing for me. Great review.

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Post by Mstrtim »

From the sample chapter that I read, the book seems just too wordy for me. The plot appears intriguing, as mentioned in the review, but I think I'll skip this one. Congratulations, however, to the author for being awarded BOTD.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina »

This is a very intriguing premise. What if it were true? I wonder what mischief the other Miriams are up to! Just don't let them kill anybody.

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

I love the plot of this amazing 'Many World' piece. It's a little bit confusing before you get to understand the direction of the book but I must commend Adam Guest for an amazingly organized book. Congratulations BOTD.

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Post by Tapiwanicola »

This book really seems thrilling in all senses of the word. The plot seems to be intriguing.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

The story of the book has a very interesting tone to it. I have read this book before and can completely relate to the review. Thanks for the wonderful review.

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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

I equally reviewed this book and was amazed at the twists that the plot of this book took. Great review.

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Post by Kreads1 »

I had the pleasure of reading a sample of this book for BOTD. I found myself contemplating the existence of parallel universes and if we are cheating death over and over again. While I’m not sure this book is my cup of tea it does seem a well written interesting story.

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Post by viviannganyi »

Theory of many worldlines, sounds interesting, will add it to my shelf. Great review.

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