Official Review: Memory Thieves by Tayma Tameem

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Official Review: Memory Thieves by Tayma Tameem

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[Following is an official review of "Memory Thieves" by Tayma Tameem.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Memory Thieves by Tayma Tameem is about a company that takes the memories of adventurous people who have difficulty sleeping. They will insert a device in their head to extract the memories that trouble their sleep and then sell it to billionaires. These buyers can then share in the experience without being there. The business hits a bump when Vincent Michaels enters the scene. Though he wants to sleep, his memories as a soldier are precious to him. The moment Vincent discovers he no longer has those memories, the desire to destroy the company builds. He enlists the help of an undercover agent, Kate. Will he succeed in his quest?

The author is a fantastic writer. She knows how to create things and engage the reader's imagination through detailed descriptions. One can easily see the picture she artistically paints with words. Here's how she perfectly describes Kate: "Her dishwater blonde hair lay gently on her shoulders, shining bright under the sunshine coming in through the window. It matched perfectly with her brown eyes, just a shade darker than hazelnut, yet just as stunning and captivating, he thought. The few freckles scattered around her cream-colored face gave her a younger look, an innocent one. Her smile was elegantly complemented by the dimples in her cheeks that gave her a more lovable look."

I love her writing style; she employs simple and straightforward language in communicating her thoughts. Anyone can easily understand and follow the line of events.

The plot of this book is a unique one. It's not every time one sees a book with such an incredible storyline. The author's creativity comes into play as the story progresses. She structures and executes her ideas with finesse and aplomb. She also manages to keep the suspense alive. The narrative is engaging — it has all the elements of a page-turner. This was what I liked most about this book.

Talking about my experience with the book, I was so captivated by the author's presentation that I found the book difficult to put down. The few times I took a break from reading, I couldn't wait to go back and continue from where I stopped.

The author did a good job crafting this masterpiece. However, I feel she did include many unnecessary details, and there was no touch of humor in the book. In my opinion, the book could use a little bit of humor to spice it up.

Although I found a few errors in the book, they didn't affect how much I enjoyed it. Hence, there was nothing serious I disliked about the book — it was exceptionally written and professionally edited. I'd give it four out of four stars. And I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys an excellent action-packed thriller.

Memory Thieves
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Unnecessary details lengthen a book unnecessarily but for a captivating text the reader has to stay around to find out the ending.
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I would pay good money to have some memories safely erased from my brain! Thanks for the review, the book sounds interesting.
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The premise sounds interesting. I like that you mentioned the author's simple writing style. I'm looking forward to reading this novel without having to put on my 'thinking cap' for the entire time. Thanks for the recommendation.
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A technology connected to dreams and memories with various ramifications and consequences is intriguing. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Ogbara »

Even I would have revolted if I discovered my memories have been stolen. From your review the author did a nice work, although I agree a little humor would have been nice. Thanks for your review.
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Nice book I have a lot of memories and I was really happy if I could erase them :D
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Honestly, the title shifted my attention! Then after reading this review, I can now conclude that this book is really amazing. A thriller coated with science fiction and action. On the other hand I think this is a futuristic read. Thanks for the awesome review. This is good work.
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I like the descriptive quote you provided. This book sounds well written and interesting. I will be adding this one to my shelves to read soon. Great job on the review!
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Post by Bookworm101520 »

The premise of this book sounds wonderful to me! What a cool piece of possible future tech. Thanks for a great review!
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Post by poojkapadia »

The concept of stealing memories sounds interesting. I would be great to sleep without any worries, but it would leave a big gap in your life, which could be disconcerting. Sometimes detailed descriptions can be unnecessary. I am glad you found it a page-turner. Thanks for the review, I enjoyed reading it.
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Sounds like an interesting story. Great review!
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Memory thieves - how can people steal memory? Would like to take a look at this book.
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Post by HannahsReads »

I read another book by this author, and I agree that she writes very creative science fiction! Thanks for your review.
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What an interesting premise for a book! Capitalizing on our memories--sounds terrifying! Thanks for the eloquent review.
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