Official Review: The Augur's View by Victoria Lehrer

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Latest Review: The Augur's View by Victoria Lehrer

Official Review: The Augur's View by Victoria Lehrer

Post by Firefawkes »

[Following is an official review of "The Augur's View" by Victoria Lehrer.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Like in any PG13 movie, your teenage life appears completely average. Nothing exciting happens in your town but you have a good family and friends to support you…until a solar flash kills all technology you’ve relied upon your whole life. Suddenly, you’re faced with learning old-school survival tactics and escape from a government you once trusted for fear of your life and freedom. Oh, and you must tackle your greatest fear: birds. This is the world Victoria Lehrer explores in her book, The Augur’s View.

Gavin’s teenage years were much the same as any other kid his age until a solar flash turned his life upside down. With the sudden absence of electricity and running water, Gavin’s family struggled to survive until they were rescued by a military convoy. Living in a district run by the iron fist of the new governing body, the “Union of the Americas”, Gavin quickly came to realize that a semblance of normalcy was not worth the cost of his free will. Escaping under the cover of night with an eagle for a guide, Gavin finds his way to the Three Mountains community, where he learns there is more to life—and flying—than he thought was possible in this new world.

My favourite thing about this book is its unique take on an old premise. Many books illustrate the end of the technological world as we know it; however, Lehrer uses novel creatures to add a new flare to an old story. The “augurs” are described as brilliantly coloured birds who are capable of carrying a human passenger with ease, once trust has been built between bird and rider. Aside from the “augurs” themselves being explained thoroughly, Lehrer also flushed out their entire life history, complete with nesting requirements and natural predators. All the information on these beautiful sounding birds definitely puts them in my list of top ten fantasy creatures!

While the premise and thought put into this book are outstanding, one aspect I could not overlook while I was reading was the overt detail in which the author describes female characters. The highly detailed descriptions of appearances, voices, and perceived intentions may have found a place in a first-person narrative, or even third person had the author put equal effort into character descriptions of all genders and identities.

Finally, I feel like Lehrer relied so heavily on her world and plot to carry the story that she lost out on building well-rounded, three-dimensional characters. I feel the biggest lost opportunity for character depth was one of the smartest scientists of the Three Mountains community, whose only role was that of a love interest and damsel in distress for the main character and possessed no unique qualities of her own.

In conclusion, this book would make a good read for anyone looking for a different take on the end of the world as we know it or simply looking for a new favourite fantasy creature. While the ideas in this book are good, after considering the over-explaining of female characters and lack of character depth, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to novice science fiction and fantasy readers, as the premise is intriguing; however, the execution is likely to leave a science fiction/fantasy fan wanting more.

The Augur's View
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Post by Olgamiell »

I like the description of the world that the author has created, and I'm sure I'd love the birds. Pity the characters are lacking a certain depth though. But still, I think I'd enjoy this book. Really nice review, well-detailed, and interesting to read. Great job!
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Post by Yasmira_M »

I love the plot but I'm not a fan of poor character development either.
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Post by sssns »

It is nice to have a fresh take on an old premise. However, I wonder how the female characters were overtly described and yet needed more depth. Thank you for the balanced review.
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Post by Drianie »

I would fall into the category of a sci-fi reader wanting more upon finishing this novel due to the lack of decent character development and overall execution of the plot. If these aspects were improved, along with the detailed world the author created, I could easily see myself enjoying this novel.
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Post by NetMassimo »

We are indeed very dependant from our technologies, and a catastrophic event would strike our civilization really hard. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Pearl Akpan »

Regardless of the lack of depth in the characters, i feel like this book could be a worthy read. Thank you for a well written review!
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Post by Mbrooks2518 »

It's unfortunate that the author didn't put enough effort into developing the characters, but the augurs sound fascinating. Thanks for the thorough review!
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