What do you think about the title of the book?

Use this forum to discuss the September 2020 Book of the month, " "Kalayla" by Jeannie Nicholas.
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Shivali Y
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Re: What do you think about the title of the book?

Post by Shivali Y »

'Kalayla' is a beautiful name, and an apt title. Although the story is told through three characters, there's no denying that without Kalayla there wouldn't be a story at all. Especially the character development of Lena was hinged on Kalayla's attitude. I think the title is fitting for the book.
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Post by Nik_kulkarni »

I think most of the development any character had was Kalayla's. It was huge to go from a smartmouth rebel to a composed, understanding individual. Also, the events that happened affected her the most and it was innocently portrayed so the title actually makes sense. It somehow mirrors with the book's innocence.
Ra Ka
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Post by Ra Ka »

I think the title of the book is very appropriate and I can not find a better appropriate title. Kalayla is the core of the story and is the common side of all the characters in the novel
J Edwards
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Post by J Edwards »

When I first read the title, Kalayla, I thought the book was a children's book. Though it might appear somehow misleading, I liked how catchy it sounds.
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Post by Prarthna »

In my opinion, Kalayla was the appropriate title for the novel. Kalayla was my favorite character in the book. She was the one who brought together all the characters. Also, Kalayla is a unique and catchy name.
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Post by 19blueofficial »

Sushan wrote: 01 Sep 2020, 10:25
AnnOgochukwu wrote: 01 Sep 2020, 10:18
Sushan wrote: 01 Sep 2020, 10:13

"Family ties" is a good alternative, but it will cut down the uniqueness of the book which is given by the current title
Yeah, I agree with you. Besides, I doubt 'Family Ties' would encompass all the elements of this book.
You are correct. The book covers a lot of area which includes family matters as well as matters outside the family. So such a title will narrow down the actual scope of the book
Yeah that's right but Family Ties just doesn't ring the bell. I think Kalayla is more eye-catching and marketable. Besides, she is the one that brought Lena and Maurer. together due to how the old lady noticed her a lot and her wanting to talk to the mother. And how she always ran to Lena for cookies. Kalayla is perfect!
Gabriella H
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Post by Gabriella H »

Catie139 wrote: 01 Sep 2020, 09:16 Since Kalayla is really the one who tied all three women together, I think it is appropriate that it would be her name for a title.

I agree with this. I feel the title is appropriate because she was the connecting link between Lena and Maureen, and a lot of events revolved around her or were influenced by things she did.
Rizki Pradana
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Post by Rizki Pradana »

Kalayla was the name of the character that makes the three women tied between each other. Furthermore, Kalayla was a beautiful name so it's appropriate.
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