Overall rating and opinion of "We are Voulhire: Someone Else's End" (Book 3 of 6) by Matthew Tysz

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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "We are Voulhire: Someone Else's End" (Book 3 of 6) by Matthew Tysz

Post by Naomey »

This book deserves full rating because I enjoyed every bit of it, what I liked most was the style of suspense used by the author, it left the reader so eager for more.
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Post by zainherb »

Fabulous mind wrote: 30 Oct 2020, 18:31 This book is my best so far in the series. I like that Galen, Rowan, and Demetrius are getting along quite well. My favourite part was when Medorath intervened during the attack on Voulhire. I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars.
I agree. My favourite part was when Meldorath intervened and dealt with the attackers of Voulhire.
I enjoyed the book a lot- the plot, the vivid descriptions of the scenes, the budding relationship between Galen, Rowan and Demi, and the comic relief that broke the monotony of the book.

I suppose I didn't like the lack of female protagonists in this book. So, I gave it three out of four stars.
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We Are Voulhire: Someone Else's End is the 3rd book in the series "We are Voulhire" by Matthew Tysz. I found the book interesting and mystic from the use of magic and mages. While King Wilhelm is the chief antagonist in the book, he ends up being killed. It's a book dominated by malevolence as we find majority of the characters are men, who all struggle for dominance by mainly use of magic. Is this suggestive of make dominance in leadership today? The book is packed with action though, which made it one of the most interesting books I have read this year. I recommend it to readers of fantasy and mysticals.
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Post by Yukesh shiyamvasan »

I have read this book. This is a wonderful book which goes beyond the logical mind to accept the fantasy. I admire the most of the friendship between those three friends ( Galen, Rowan and Demetrius ). Above all, this novel has a wonderful storyline which incorporates many core scenarios such as friendship, politics, betrayal, leadership, etc...
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Post by jeetramjat »

I loved this book, my favourite scene was when Meldorath destroys the emperor's army. I hope in the future there would be a fight of Meldorath vs emperor.
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I loved it when Galen saved Demetrius from the hands of the scarecrows. This was particularly spectacular to me because Demetrius had told both Galen and Rowan to flee the scene and that he'd get rid of the creatures and join them in no minute. However, Galen just couldn't leave while his friend was in danger. I disliked the switch from first-person POV to the second person POV
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Post by justhereader »

I rated this book 4 out 4 stars. I loved the action scenes especially those involving the trio. It was pleasing to see Galen exhibiting his fighting prowess, and it’s equally fascinating to see that’s he’s going through some character development as well. I also appreciated that the author included some female characters in this installment. Although one is given a minor role, and the other is yet to be developed, I still consider this as an improvement. I did not dislike anything. I recommend this to lovers of fantasy and adventure.
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This book is the best so far! A lot more action and character development. The use of magic made enough sense. Very few things I didn't like. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next book!
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Post by Fozia RYK »

There was humor that broke the dullness when perusing ,never met any significant aversion, I thusly rate it 3 out of 4 stars.The portrayal of the Emperor of Lullaby entering Meldorath's fantasy was an epic introduction. At that point the subject and story plot played out well. I never anticipated Nartik's royal celebration however. I appraised it a 3 out of 4 in light of the fact that the perspective stories were very befuddling.
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Post by JulietBlack »

I am having a good time with this series. But this part is my number one. Rowan and Galen just amuse me in every scene.
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Post by JulietBlack »

The book is a bit slow paced which builds suspense. I love the trio, it brings light and comedy to the book. My only concern is that the ultimate end will be tragic.
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Post by professor888 »

I awarded this book 4 out of 4 stars because Matthew Tysz did not stop his goodwork in this series. Suspense was executed well and the end product of elating the reader was achieved. I can't lie that rich vocabulary was not used in this installation. The smooth flow of the story from the beginning to the end was interesting. I enjoyed reading the proceedings at the high court where madam Shore's verdict about the case of refugees was raising the concerns of most people. Prompting of the moster that killed King Wilhelm before making the verdict for shore's case also spoiled feeling at the same time.
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I really enjoyed this book. I have to note that it is the shortest book I have read in this series that I finished it in one seating. Matthew didn't disappoint in making sure that all his books are well edited and are of high quality. Well, the book didn't meet my expectations. In this series, I totally enjoyed the first book, maybe because it is an introductory book; then the second book I felt it to be not contributing much to the series, and so is this one. We are Voulhire: Someone Else's End , the book didn't have that substance to stand out in the series. I would recommend solely because if you proceed in the series without reading it, you will be confused.
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I read this book and if I'm to rate it, it'll be 3 out of 4 stars due to the errors present. What I loved most was the conversations and generally, what Galen, Rowan, and Demetrius represented. Overall, it was an amazing read.
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Post by Sue_neth_ak »

I loved the dynamic relation ship between Galen, and the duo Rowan and Demitrius. I especially enjoyed seeing Demitrius jealous. Then again, the battles were vivid and creative. I wouldn't hesitate to vote it 4 out of 4 stars.
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