The Villain

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The Villain

Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

I think that it is becoming clear that the Emperor is the ultimate villain of the series. Do you agree?
So you think that there is a chance that all the other powerful Voulhirians (Meldorath, Folcro, Angela, Harper, Galen & team, Julia, and so on) will leave aside their differences and fight together for a common goal?
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Post by zainherb »

I was thinking the emperor is the villain, but now, I'm not so sure.
He had the opportunity to force submission on the voulhatian cities and annhilate those who opposed him, but he chose the option of peaceful occupation(such as it is).

After reading 'The flesh of the mind', I am starting to think, maybe folcro is actually the villain of the book. He never hesitates to cause trouble, and he's about to use the Riva for more of his plots.
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Post by gurpreetkaur »

I think- 'People are not good or bad, they are different', so Emperor is not a villain but he is a slave of situation.
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Post by naomilupton_98 »

@gurpreetkaur I think you have made an interesting comment - and it is worth considering.
I was wondering about the Emperor's "experimental" occupation... for someone/something who/that has the means to do so, he sure has taken his time trying to make a move on Voulhire. It is true that, in times of peace, a wise leader prepares for war. Maybe he wanted to learn more about Voulhirian society in case war were to break out. This occupation seemed like a trial run. Should this be the case, our Voulhirian heroes will have their work cut out for them.
Books such as these make the lines between the labels "hero" and "villian" very vague.

Although, thus far Folcro seems to be a little higher up on my Villian-list than the Emperor of Lullabies is.
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Post by Mtibza eM »

Yes, they have to definitely work together against a strong common enemy that is Emperor of Lullabies because if they don't they all lose. And I am glad they worked together in this book but the work has to be done because it is not yet over.
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Post by Leyla Ann »

I'm still not sure whether the only villain will remain to be the Emperor of Lullabies and that he won't gain any new allies among the most prominent Voulhirians that we know of. As it stands, Meldorath was able to defeat the Emperor of Lullabies all on his own, which means that the Emperor alone can do nothing to conquer Voulhire. I think either one of the characters we already know of will side with him, or a new character will, most likely one who's a Caromentian since Javikun had implied that Meldorath won't stand a chance against Caromentis' natives.
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Post by Nikowl7 »

I think we might see more of the emperor. Maybe he is one of the great kings of Caromentis, that Javikun mentioned to Meldorath. Also I think Folcro is a serious threat, so maybe a combination of the two? I really can't wait!
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

The author plays very cleverly with the villain/hero concept. I've already changed my opinion about the Emperor, as well as Meldorath, a couple of times during the series.
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Post by AlphariusRE »

I'm not really sure to be honest. But about the Emperor, if he was a villain, why did he choose occupation over total annihalation?
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