Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

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Re: Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

Post by SarahTheReader »

Hands down it's Pride and Prejudice for me. I love the banter between Elizabeth and Darcy and it's refreshing to have a strong female lead in Lizzy. I love reading classics, but a pet peeve of mine is docile female characters as the leads in a story. I like female characters that take charge and make events happen in their lives as opposed to being driven into events by others.
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Post by BellAJoEb »

I would choose Jane Eyre any day .

Jane and Mr Rochester are indelible character to my young mind,growing up.
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Post by Manjotgill123 »

I would just like to put the fact that Pride and Prejudice is nothing compared to Jane Eyre out there. Jane Eyre has so much depth, I mean don’t get me wrong, I like Pride and Prejudice too but Jane Eyre just gets me all giddy. I might have to read them both again and just prove my point of Jane Eyre being greater!
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Post by AngelicG »

I don't understand why people always try to compare any of the Bronte sisters. Other than being female authors living in a similar period, they are so dissimilar in styles.

I would say I prefer Pride and Prejudice as I enjoy the satire, but find Jane Eyre the richer book in terms of themes. I enjoy both but think they have very different appeals.
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Post by Vivdija »

Jane Eyre is my favourite book. It was the first novel I ever read.
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Post by Dimi1 »

Jane Eyre probably sets the standards' basis. Pride and Prejudice follows the standards and evolves, so it's probably Pride and Prejudice for me.
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La Stilla
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Post by La Stilla »

P&P. I didn't really liked "Jane Eyre". If I would choose Bronte over Austen, it would be Emily's "Wuthering Heighs".
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Post by Sithmi »

Both are very interesting. But, I prefer Jane Eyre most. Because of the story, characters and the language used by the author.
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Post by dsawya »

Yes...read the books and watch the movies...Pride and Prejudice the movie is more entertaining and a bit more pleasant to see...the book is a little less fascinating for me. Jane Eyre the movie was a little dry...the book was worth all my time and attention. Beautiful. Love it.
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Post by Timibona »

Definitely pride and prejudice for me ,,loved their little banters and all ,,and the movie was also great .Jane Eyre I loved too ,quite a lot actually but I feel like it lacked something and it was a little dry
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Post by Claudiarbol »

In my opinion, as a big fan of both books, they are two different types of masterpieces. Specially on what they make me feel: P&P, by being a romantic novel, brings me a breath of fresh air, making me love and hate characters, feeling frustrated about society and thinking about what marriage really means. 
Jane Eyre, as a gothic novel, brings a mysterious atmosphere, making me suffer the pain Jane goes though, from her childhood to what she discovers in Thornfield and her tough journey after that.
Of course, there are similarities too: like the romance, the great character development and the drama that is behind, but for me their main plots are not comparable.
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Post by Shillah A »

I would say pride and prejudice since am currently reading it. I love it.
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Post by Archaeoptery »

I would go with Jane Eyre.
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Post by Kavita Shah »

I have read both the books and I found that I liked Jane Eyre more than Pride and Prejudice.

P.S.- I like P&P movie version :)
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Post by Nithilah Ayyappan »

Although Pride and Prejudice will always have a special place in my heart, Jane Eyre would have to be my favorite out of the two. The character development of the two, as well their relationship make this book an amazing read. The writing allowed me to delve into the sorrows of Jane's life, and how it changed once she met Mr. Rochester.
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