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Kajori Sheryl Paul
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Re: Review of Happiness and Survival

Post by Kajori Sheryl Paul »

Mental health is an important issue. A book that underscores the significance of psychotherapy and mental development is helpful.

Thank you for the great review.
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Marie Chalupová
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Post by Marie Chalupová »

It's good to always be open to new ideas, even if those are outside of societal norms. I like that the author doesn't force his view.
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Omneya Shakeep
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Post by Omneya Shakeep »

That's an interesting book to broaden my horizons. I like the idea of the author presenting different perspectives on life than what is the norm in most societies.
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Maduvha Chauke
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Post by Maduvha Chauke »

Thank you for sharing this book it gives guidance of better life on how to survive and creat happiness in your life by avoiding so called "norms". Therefore I think we should open our minds to fresh and different ideas that could :enhance our well- being
Alissa Deann Devargas
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Post by Alissa Deann Devargas »

This book is like a self-help book that talks about its theme of survival and happiness. I feel interested because it mentions self improvement and mental development. I'd like to read how to gain them.
John wesh
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Post by John wesh »

What a great review of Happiness and Survival by Bob Gebelein that has captured the detailed summary of the author's exploration of life,self improvement, happiness and personal development. I am indeed captivated by what the author's need and concern is to withdraw from what is considered the norm in the society and truly discover oneself. Excellent review
Shiru Elizabeth
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Post by Shiru Elizabeth »

Bob Gebelein's "Happiness and Survival" seems to be a thought-provoking examination of life, happiness, and human growth. It is admirable that the author has the guts to question accepted wisdom and present a different viewpoint on self-improvement. Congrats on BOTD.
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Post by todwyer01 »

From a sampling, this seems like an interesting memoir/self-help book about how the author challenged conventional beliefs to overcome difficulties and to stay true to himself. It might be worth a second look. Well done.
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Post by truekhristian »

Thank you for your review. After reading a sample of the book, I wondered about the direction in which the author was headed and if the book was worth reading. The review you wrote is valuable to me in that, I love to read thought-provoking books about life and I am drawn to listening to new and different perspectives.
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Post by Runan »

The author discusses the benefits of psychotherapy in this book while also sharing his personal experiences. He also encourages the readers to challenge the norms to find their true selves. His approach to life and his ideals are commendable. This is a book that lets readers think deeply about conventional norms. I enjoyed reading your review.
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Surabhi Rani
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Post by Surabhi Rani »

'Official Review: Happiness and Survival' by Bob Gebelein serves as a useful and solid source of information for avid readers. It draws our attention to the noteworthy features of the book. Readers would learn about the author's personal experiences through which he provides valuable insights into the benefits of psychotherapy and the importance of mental development. Also, as mentioned in the review, the author offers his views on matters like ego, physicalism, spirituality, etc. while differing from what is acceptable in society today. I like the advice offered to potential readers in the review!
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Nemanja Jankovic
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Post by Nemanja Jankovic »

"Happiness and Survival" by Bob Gebelein is a book that explores life and personal development. The book is also interesting in that the author challenges conventional beliefs. In the book, the author often uses his personal stories. The book is professionally edited.
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Jennifer Coxon
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Post by Jennifer Coxon »

I like the author's bravery in getting his voice out there and speaking against the conformed norms that have minimised/cancelled what he has found to be beneficial to live his life by. I hadn't realised teachings have moved away from respected historical psychiatrists so much.
Sheen Jenny
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Post by Sheen Jenny »

As I followed the author's personal stories and reflections, I found myself resonating with his message of embracing individuality and listening to the wisdom of one's own subconscious mind. 'Happiness and Survival' is a thought-provoking exploration that encourages readers to question, reflect, and ultimately, find their own path to happiness
Aremu Titilopemi Funmilayo
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Post by Aremu Titilopemi Funmilayo »

Why does it feels like this book is going to be a complicated book regardless, I'm curious to know the full details of the content, I feel like I'd learn something new which will be very beneficial. Congratulations to the author for winning BOTD with this book.
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