Official Review: Mama, Mama, Only Mama by Lara Lillibridge

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Official Review: Mama, Mama, Only Mama by Lara Lillibridge

Post by katiesquilts » 26 May 2019, 07:46

[Following is an official review of "Mama, Mama, Only Mama" by Lara Lillibridge.]
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Lara Lillibridge started a blog when she was a recently divorced single mother raising two young boys. Her book, Mama, Mama, Only Mama, takes the form of her diary during those years and includes an assortment of articles, old but updated blog posts, and recipes that are kid-approved. She covers her marriage, how she became a mother, her divorce, raising her two kids on her own while co-parenting with her ex, as well as dating during that time. The book is not just a biography as it also has comedic but helpful advice for women going through the same thing, or even just women with kids.

I myself am not a mother, but I took one look at the summary and knew that Mama, Mama, Only Mama would be hilarious. Lillibridge is honest and self-deprecating, able to learn from and laugh at her past mistakes. I have to admit, I thought the book would focus more on the kids than her, more like a collection of funny stories than a semi-autobiography, but that wasn't the case. I hope to have kids one day and am always quick to snatch up books that I think might give me an edge when I'm dealing with my own children in the future. While entertaining, this book was also a good source of such inspiration.

Mama, Mama, Only Mama's greatest strength is Lillibridge's comedic storytelling. The book certainly has its highs and lows. At one point I cried and was so upset by what had happened that I had to take a break from reading. Although that particular incident was not Lillibridge's fault in any way, she has made quite a few mistakes throughout her life and is honest about sharing them. In this book, you get to read about her experiences and what she learned from them, all while taking a peek into the hectic life of a single mother who just wants what is best for her children.

The book itself was very well-edited, with only a few minor mistakes. I enjoyed the images she sprinkled throughout the book, always related to the chapter topic. I also liked the difference in formatting between the "book" portions, the blog posts, and the recipes. The content is interesting enough on its own, but the visual changes were refreshing and kept me turning page after page.

Even though the book didn't focus on her kids as much as I was expecting it to, I was highly entertained the entire time and would give it 4 out of 4 stars. If you're not a fan of reading about other people's issues, this may not be the book for you. However, I do believe single parents, mothers especially, would find the book amusing if not informative and helpful.

Mama, Mama, Only Mama
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Post by Zeix » 27 May 2019, 03:56

Seems like you enjoyed reading the book, which is a good thing. As for me I like that it was knowledgeable even if it was from her life

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Post by Ellylion » 27 May 2019, 13:03

Sounds like a great and inspiration read, based on a real life experience :) I'd love to check this one out. Thank you for a great review!

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Post by CyndiA1 » 27 May 2019, 17:04

I was a single mom to two boys, so I'll bet I'd relate to this book. My boys are grown now, but I'll always remember those always hectic years.

I enjoyed your review!

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Post by maggi3 » 27 May 2019, 17:53

I like the balance of humor while talking about these difficult topics. I’m definitely not the target audience for this book, but I think it would be an interesting read anyway. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Andy37 » 28 May 2019, 00:06

Sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read all about the author's life experiences as a mother. Thank you for the review.

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Post by Wyland » 28 May 2019, 03:15

I like the relatable stories by the author, Lillibridge, on her life after her divorce. I think the comedic and genuine way she writes her experiences will encourage me in my married life and while raising children. Thanks for the wonderful review.

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Post by gen_g » 28 May 2019, 06:15

This sounds like an awesome read; I will definitely keep an eye out for this. It seems both inspiring and informative. Thanks for the review!

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Post by kandscreeley » 28 May 2019, 10:06

Sounds like the author had some challenges she had to face, but I love that she did it in such a fabulous way. I like that the author was able to retain her sense of humor. Thanks for introducing us to this one!
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Post by Janalyn101 » 29 May 2019, 09:02

This book sounds really good. I do love an autobiography total with humility and a little laughter. I think a storyteller who is humble counts more, then one who is overly confident. This book sounds funny and I cannot wait to read it. Ask for advice for becoming a mother and the most important answer you will get is to let your children find friends at school and for you to be their mother. Some people want to be friends with their children but children need parents, not more friends. This was a great review, just thought I would give you the free advice since you gave me such a great review. One I will be happy to share with my friends. :tiphat:

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