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Re: Official Review: Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute

Post by Moddesser Elahi »

An inspirational read from the perspective of Christianity, that is meant to drive you towards achieving your dreams, should cater to specific audience of such kind of reads. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Maimubee »

The title of the book, "Fear not, dream be g and execute" sounds captivating enough to capture the interest of readers. The author has done great justice by bringing to light outstanding ingredients to breaking out of mediocrity. The writer's inspiration is not limited to a reader' s believe system but set to unveil the mysteries that blinds the sights and vision of the limited mind.
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Post by Reema Aydieh »

I enjoyed reading this review.
I would like to read this book. It sounds interesting.
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Post by Ebubechinwaogazie »

It is very necessary to know these tools that will help navigate one faster to the pathway of success. I recommend to anyone who desires to acheive success.
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Post by Sheilaread »

This book is an amazing read. It’s set up to help anyone who reads it and applies what is written inside. All of the tips and examples are there to help guide you along your journey in writing, being creative in your job searches and really, anything you set out to do. Thank you for this thorough and amazing review.
Mark Smarter
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Post by Mark Smarter »

This is so interesting and interpersonal when working out in mindful engagement project's it's a great review
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Post by Kiara Mae Gutlay »

Thanks for this comprehensive review! I really have a good feeling for this book. I am hoping to experience the same feeling of satisfaction as I read this book.
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meike schroeder
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Post by meike schroeder »

Thanks for the great review, I sure will read this book, it grabbed my attention when you wrote the phrase, it robes the world of your unique contribution, and it really does, we are all unique and have so much to give.
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Post by Jenniferg_1105 »

This sounds like a helpful and educational book. I like that there are personal stories. I also like that the book is easy to read and understand. Great review.
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Post by Juddbryll1 »

This is a powerful review on a very practical and educative book which instantly urges any reader to grab a copy. I was stunned by the pragmatic advices especially the tip on writing without editing on the go.
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Post by Qer »

What a great review. I agree that fear has killed more dreams that we can count and that if we keep our focus on our Good Shepherd Jesus He will not only lead but also show us the way. I like how practical this book is and the steps are quite easy to follow and ultimately 'execute'. We can achieve a lot if we could just sit still long enough to receive.
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Debra Lynn
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Post by Debra Lynn »

I found your review to be very thorough. I am very interested in reading this book. The author seems to have covered many topics in the Christian forum that would help not only me but others as well. Thank you for reviewing this book. I can't wait to get started.
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Tamika Chitwanga
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Post by Tamika Chitwanga »

Hmmm. Well first of all congratulations on a detailed and thorough review.
Not sure it's a book I would relish though. Sorry even the review had me nodding off every few lines. I doubt the book would be anything more than a lullaby for me.
Just not my type of genre I suppose. But your grammar and writing is eloquent.
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Post by Gemjay »

The review is amazing and it sparks an interest within me to read the book. The book sounds inspirational especially when it says human were created to live a life of service but we have to discover God-given visions. This is amazing. The book definitely deserves BOTM.
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A good review as it offers insight into what the book entails. It also sounds like a good self-help book with personal stories that offer examples. I might read it.
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