Official Review: Wisdom by Arun mago

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Re: Official Review: Wisdom by Arun mago

Post by twinkle09 »

This sounds like a good self-help and motivational book. I liked how you pointed out the errors and inconsistencies in the book which would make it more demanding on the readers' patience. I will likely try to read this book. Congrats on BOTD.

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Post by Sushan »

Sounds like an encouragement to face various issues of life, yet it seems like much encouragement is needed to read the book as well since the poor editing. Congratulations on being BOTD
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Post by Samantha Gayle »

Thank you for your honest review. I am interested in the themes of the book, but am hesitant to read due to grammatical issues. Hopefully the author will go through another round of editing. I may scan the book to see how distracting the errors are. Thank you and congratulations on BOTD!

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Post by kelseydwf »

One quote from the sample really stuck out to me: "Not everyone can be responsible. People take this word casually, and they end up being a casualty.” I'm sad to hear that the book lacks originality, despite potential. I'm pretty picky about self-help books anyway, so I'll pass on this one. Nonetheless, thanks for this honest review!
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Post by Cheryl12 »

Our best teacher and coach in life can be considered as our parents. Also, our grandparents who have been around for a long time, are teachers who have set the pace and taught us how to enjoy life now to fulfill our purpose here on earth.

Moreover, some genuine friends who set good example can be a form of teacher. "Wisdom: Unleash Yourself" by Arun Mago explained the different levels of teachers, trainers and mentors along life journey so we can be responsible.


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Post by ciecheesemeister »

I might enjoy the concept of this book. I appreciate you pointing out the pitfalls with the text errors. Thank you for your review.

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Post by DBNJ »

Life lessons and time managment ideas with a bit of spirituality involved. The author seesm to have taken inspiration from his own life experiences to write this book. Thank you for your descriptive review!
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Post by CrescentMoon »

Thanks for the honest review. It's definitely hard to get into a book that isn't engaging, original, or creative in any way. Props to the author for writing about such important life lessons but maybe should be executed in a better way. Great review!
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Post by navyapindi »

The book seems very informative. The persuasive and argumentative writing of the author makes it interesting. But sorry to know from the review that it's poorly edited and the text seems unoriginal and boring. Congrats on BOTD!

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Post by Nath_chuks »

The persuasive and argumentative quality of the book makes it quite interesting, but the boring and unoriginality nature of the book is discouraging, so I will pass. Congrats on Botd.

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Post by Pearl_Filwe »

Such a wonderful, intriguing book to read about. 'Wisdom' says it all.. People who had no knowledge about our surroundings should indulge in this non-fiction book. I only read the free sample but i kid you not, it's luring me back to it. I am more than willing to read this book, every single page. The first part i read about 'who our teachers are' in this life opened my sight. I've always wondered what nature means to me. Its more than just a teacher to me it's like a god to me. I've learnt so much about nature that I'm willing to learn more. I've learnt to stay still in the middle of storms, fly when it's time,shine, love the moon as much as i love myself because I'll love myself even when I'm not full. It's just so beautiful to watch. Teachers are the greatest to have. A big shout out to the author, the book is an eye-opener to many souls.

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Post by iknwuzoh »

The book seems to be an inspirational one even though it was not well edited. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Steven Samuel »

I was hyped to read this book after reading the summary and sample but a 2 out of 4 stars rating isn't encouraging.

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Post by Anthony__ »

I really appreciate the author's discussion on these topics: patience, wealth, responsibility, and politics, and how he offered his opinions. Great review

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Post by EvaDar »

This sounds like a strange book to me. Great that the subject is nature, the structure was good and that the arguments were sound. Still not sure I'd be interested. Thanks for the review.
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