Official Review: Wisdom by Arun mago

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Re: Official Review: Wisdom by Arun mago

Post by Juliana_Isabella »

I probably won't be reading this one due to your comments about its lack of originality, but I appreciate your review.

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Richie Legend
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Post by Richie Legend »

It is indeed a great one to meet this book and it ilsounds like an effective self-help and motivational book that emphasizes the importance of using logic instead of emotions to make decisions. While this advice that is often difficult to execute into one's daily life, it is important. Thanks for this great review

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Post by TADSAILS »

I love the ideas this book tries to instill in readers. A book that seeks to help readers better understand themselves when it comes to decision making. What a good self-help book, might check it out. Splendid review

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Roze KSJ
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Post by Roze KSJ »

The book sounds motivating but then again the presence of errors and 'boring' parts as mentioned by you made me think twice about reading it. Thanks for the review.

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Post by ccundall2130 »

This book sounds somewhat interesting. However, there are so many self help books out there that treats higher, I’m not sure I will give it a try. I like self help books based on science and proven ideas worded in ways most can understand. Working a book using opinion can be done by any person. Bravo for the attempt! Most aren’t brace enough to try.

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Post by biblichore_pages »

I feel disappointed about the book with such a great topic receiving such low rating. Nice and detailed review.

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Post by ankushavhad »

Good review Nickolas Farmakis. Thanks,
I got the essence of the book. I should read once I get the opportunity then.
WISDOM (Unleash yourself) is a good book that talks about the life lessons. The thoughts, right from identifying who the teachers are, we learn from, through being as natural as God created us. There comes the feelings, emotions, and our approach in behaving the world of humanity. Overall, the intent of the prose is to make man aware of his positivity that will be used in a right way in the practice. Be it any kind field you deal with fellow human around, for example, in your profession, you connect with the society is the most crucial aspect of having a wise sense ---having the WISDOM.
~ Ankush

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angela roura
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Post by angela roura »

Maybe I'll come back and read this after it has been through some more editing...

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Post by jaliper »

I think this is for readers looking for inspirational book and I'm not a huge fan of self-self books. So I don't think I will enjoy this too. So brave of you to review this thorough and honestly. Thank you so much!

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Post by monicamu »

What a pity to read that this books dull and unbalanced!
There is a great need for some innovative thinking out there. I may just give it a try in spite of the poor rating as
i'd like to see what the author has to say about Responsibility, something that is greatly lacking in the world today.
Thanks for the review.

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Post by Wordlessly »

Not looking to read any self-help books right now. The idea of the book was wonderful but it faltered in the execution part of it. Once the flaws are erased I think this will be a desirable read. Thank you for the review.

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Post by Tonika632 »

This is a nice book. I think I should read it since the author gives explanation for many useful things which I like.

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Post by Disneyland »

Official Review: Wisdom by Arun mago is critical and constructive! I like the point in the review that adult readers who are more mature and have more life experience will likely prefer this book, as they will relate better to the writer's views! The theme of the book is appealing to me! The positive points of the book stated in the review are encouraging! The review inspires me to learn the process of book writing as well as receiving feedbacks on the work I do!

Unique Ego
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Post by Unique Ego »

I honestly have little or no interest in motivational books but the review makes it sound worth it minus the many problems here. Congrats on BOTD.

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Post by anua24060 »

I like to read self-help and motivational books from time to time. I would like to give it a try. Congratulations to the author on BOTD.

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