Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

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Elvis Best
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Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

Post by Elvis Best »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Miracle" by James M. LeBlanc.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Miracle, written by James M. LeBlanc, is a touching memoir that details the author’s battle with drug addiction. Growing up poor and as a bi-racial adoptee, LeBlanc struggled to find acceptance with his friends and family. This led him to a life of addiction, as he used drugs to escape from his reality.

Throughout his journey, the author went through several ordeals, from being homeless to being incarcerated to even surviving a prison riot. At one point, LeBlanc was certain that he was going to die if he did not quit his drugs. So, out of desperation, he began to seek God and a better life for himself. That is what led him to the miracle that completely changed his life for good. What is this miracle? You have to read the book to find out.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Miracle, as it was very emotional for me. At some points, I cried, and at other points, I laughed and cheered the author on. I was so moved by his words that I felt as though I were in his shoes. I believe it was because he was honest about his flaws and shortcomings. Indeed, I appreciate LeBlanc’s courage in sharing his story with the world.

The one thing I liked most was how there were so many life lessons to take from the book. For instance, I learned that how we feel about ourselves can be really damaging. If you feel you are ugly or not good enough or not worthy of good things, then that is going to be your lot in life.

In the same vein, no one would respect you if you do not respect yourself, and no one would love you if you do not love yourself. This was so evident in The Miracle, as the author had to battle with his own negative self-image. As he improved his self-image and his relationship with himself and others, his life and well-being also improved.

Furthermore, throughout the book, LeBlanc offers a sense of hope to those that are enslaved to addiction. Truly, it was quite evident that he did not write his story for himself but for the several others out there who are in the throes of addiction. LeBlanc shows by example that it is possible to overcome addiction and live a better, happy life.

Consequently, I recommend The Miracle to anyone suffering from addiction. I would also recommend it to anyone who has a friend or relative who is suffering from addiction, as the information provided in the book could prove to be very helpful. However, non-religious people may not like the book, as it is written from the Christian perspective.

Considering the aforementioned points, I rate The Miracle 4 out of 4 stars. There was absolutely nothing to dislike about it, and I believe it was exceptionally edited, as I found only one error in it. Lastly, there were a few vulgar words and some mild erotic scenes.

The Miracle
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Post by Tablito »

Indeed what we feel about ourselves has a significant impact in our lives, James' struggle to be accepted by his family and friends led him to a path of drug addiction.

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Phelicia Gloria
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Post by Phelicia Gloria »

Indeed God still do miracles to his people, if he helped the author then he can help me and you today. Thanks for the great review.
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Its one thing to pass through all what the author faced while growing up, and it's another to be able to share it with the world. It's something that requires a lot of courage to do. I believe this book has a lot of life lessons for everyone, and I also think that is a must read for all. Thanks for the amazing review.

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Post by Bookworm101520 »

This sounds like a wonderfully interesting book! Thanks for a great review.

Itumeleng Lesabane
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Venting about our flaws and hardships of life is not easy. It takes a very brave person to do that. The story is motivating and thank you for the review.

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I believe that the author of this book is telling his own story so that others in the same position as his self would now that they are not alone and that other people have been through the same thing and god bless him for helping others in the same situation

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Ada Ling
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Post by Ada Ling »

I can feel the struggle the author had while reading your review. Thank you for bringing this book to our attention.

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Post by moonopam »

:tiphat: This review was good one .The book seem to provide light at the end of a turnel for drug addicts. Keep it up.

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Post by Viczboy16 »

Definitely a must read book. A lot of people have messages in form of previous experiences to pass to an others but I like how the author sent a message through the book.

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Saint Bruno
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Post by Saint Bruno »

Nothing beats learning directly from someone who gives firsthand info. I believe this book would be an inspiring read. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

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Post by Kevivas03 »

Great summary. Addiction is a scourge that affects many people, kudos to the author for bringing out his story. I wonder how he managed to mix-up chapters with profanity and erotic scenes with those that spoke about being saved by Jesus, from the title I though it was a Christian book but it's more of the authors life-story isn't it?

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Post by LinaJan »

I would love to learn about people's that suffer from addiction inner fights and the way they see the world. And, most importantly, I would love to learn what it takes for them to pick themselves back up and come out on the other side. But I am totally againt attributing things to some diety as I think it encourages external control locus.

Thank you for such a thorough review! :)

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Post by Drado_27 »

When you are dealing with issues that can be interpreted by the environment like laziness or your choice it is hard to keep your head up. It is inspiring to see how someone can overcome addiction and not feel guilty that he had to go through it. We need more books like this.

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Post by Seroney_ »

God always intervenes for his children and truly, you cannot be loved if you do not appreciate yourself. Am happy that the author's life took a turn, for the best. Great review

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