Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

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Re: Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

Post by damis »

I am not a big fan of memoirs but this book sounds lovely. Great review!

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Post by JeanyJean »

The struggles of the author are so vivid in this review. I like how the author uses his story as a motivation that there is light at the end of tunnel for every drug addict on his road to recovery.

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Post by Jona00baka »

Miracles are real. This story is a testimony. Good for the writer that he was redeemed from an addiction.Nice review

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Post by Worship peer »

There is a reason for everything.We go through addicts,pain(in all aspects),traumor and challenges so that once we overcome them,we can be of aid to the society and the victims of the latter.
Le Blanc wrote this novel not to criticize but to give hope to those struggling with drugs.
This book is indeed a must read for all.

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Post by SweetEchoJenn »

I enjoy a book the evokes emotions like that. Sounds like a gripping story.
Great review!

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Post by Sassyreader5 »

This review that was done in this book, only solidified what I and many others feel. That God is the one that helps you sort through any trial or tribulation you may be going through. He is the one you should turn to in your time of need and guidance.

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Post by Tatamaps13-14weirdo »

I loved loved the book and l was exposed to that kind of life because of James LeBlanc. A lot of people try to escape from their past but it keeps coming to haunt them. This book gives hope to people that miracles actually happen and encourages them to face their past head-on. Beautiful book

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Post by Zyrian31 »

Indeed god is the answer while reading this i can imagine the person on the book it must be really hard for him but still proud of him

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Post by Tarilan »

It is the pain we go through that leads us to God. When no one can help you out, only God can intervene. Great review.

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MT Magar
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Post by MT Magar »

Without even reading the book, this review give you a glimpse of what actually the book wants to teach or imply on readers. Many people are having problems accepting who they are, loving themselves, gathering enough courage, but remember miracle do exist. Thank you for your beautiful review.

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Post by Vell45 »

It is truly a miracle! God is always present in our lives in everything we do. And especially in our struggles we just need to ask help and there he is. As he said knock and the door will be open for you. Seek and you will find. God is Love. No matter how dark our life.

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Post by Zand13 »

Addiction is hard to overcome, for the author to share with us his trails and tribulation thought out his addiction is truly brave. A story we can all learn from.

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I loved the review, i mean memoirs are one of my fav book topics, you truly learn about someone´s life and it´s amazing, we can see how drug addiction can truly hurt but also the enviroment and other people can hurt you more

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Post by VVaishali »

We mostly look down on people with addiction than giving a thought about what led them into it. Such insight can be beneficial for helping them out of their misery. I guess by sharing personal experiences, the author will give insight on how the negative self-image and other things lead one on the path of self-destruction through addiction. Thanks for the insightful review. :)

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Post by Ogbara »

Most times in life, God wants to help, but would wait for us to admit that we need help, otherwise we may not appreciate the help He gives.

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