Review of Speedy hurled through havoc

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Review of Speedy hurled through havoc

Post by Orizon »

[Following is an official review of "Speedy hurled through havoc" by Dave Letterfly Knoderer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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A man's passion should be his priority. How accurate is this statement? Speedy Hurled Through Havoc by Dave Letterfly Knoderer is a 10-chapter non-fiction book that narrated the author's life. It emphasizes the themes of passion, talent, family, happiness, and others.

Dave Letterfly Knoderer grew up in an average family with mixed experiences. Just like his father, he was a lover of the circus and nature. His great interest in these forced him to follow his dreams. Through the help of some individuals around him, he continued to climb the ladder of success as an artist. Along the way, he was faced with many challenges. Will he maneuver his way around them? Are you intrigued and want to find out more about the author? Read this book to find out.

The book was written in the first-person narrative. However, there were some parts where there were flashbacks written from the omniscience point of view. The author's ending was also superb.

Another thing I liked about this book was that it was very precise in narration. The author only gave the part of his life that was relevant to the subject. It made the plot very simple, straight, and easy to understand. In addition, the moral lessons in the book were clear to the reader.

Furthermore, the book was very educative and taught critical and beautiful life lessons, morals, and values. The book taught decisiveness and the importance of following one's passion, such as the author's resolution to leave his father's home and go for what he loves. The author's inclusion of important personnel that facilitated growth in his life showed that we should never ignore the people who have helped us. We should be grateful for anything we are privileged to get. Not only is it an excellent virtue, but it helps us to continue growing and achieving.

Apart from the author himself, the book mentioned other people that characterized the author's life. People like his parents, brother, John, sister, Paula, and other extended families impacted his life. Other people helped him through his life journey and helped bring him to his current status. These individuals include Brownie, Gary Herbst, Bob Grubb, and Clarence Hastings. They were all mentioned at specific, important, and crucial times they featured in the author's life.

Although the book is indeed an autobiography, the author would have spiced the book up by including more dialogues. Aside from that, I found nothing to dislike about the book. I found a minor error that depicts professional editing. Therefore, I give this book a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to lovers of passionate write-ups and moral-inducing books. Also, young readers who have a passion for something, but face challenges can learn one or two lessons from the book.

Speedy hurled through havoc
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Post by Benaron »

It's nice to see the author didn't get stuck in narration mode, only sharing details that are necessary for the book. The plot itself sounds interesting and I could definitely see myself reading this. Great review!
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Post by Reader Chavez »

The book sounds interesting and different from other biographies. Ill definitely read this one. Thanks for the great review!
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Post by Rohan More »

This book also covers topics like moral ethics and ethical values, also to mention the book is extremely elaborative with precise information.
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Post by Priyanshi Sharma 2 »

I personally like to read memoirs of different personalities. And as this book emphasizes the themes of passion, talent, family and happiness, I am more than eager to read it.

Appreciate your well-written review of the book :tiphat:
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Post by oluwalonimi29 »

The strength of champions lies in thier stories.Stories like this gives hope and Should be read by all.Great review
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Post by Faith - Benny Any »

I agree with the author. Passion drives us to relentlessly pursue our dreams. Dave Letterfly Knoderer write - up is so educative.
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Post by Jagiine »

This sounds like a beautiful, yet very interesting, read for both young and agreed readers alike. Thanks for such a good review!
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Post by Omega_01 »

I like the fact that the author made the plots very simple, concise, and in a sraightforward manner. I have always shared the sentiment that non-fiction stories like this are invaluable and every reader of such books will definitely have a lesson or two to draw from it.
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Post by IamJc_Bembo12 »

This seems to be intriguing. Your explicit and honest review made me wanna give this a go. Nice review!
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Post by Novela book »

The title got me hooked. A good plot with intriguing storyline, a must read. Wonderful review
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Post by Shreya Mishra 3 »

The title is very eye catching and the plot sounds interesting too. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by Ntombifuthi Londi »

I love books that are inciteful and informative with an interesting storyline. This book is a must have on my shelves. Great review. Thank you so much.
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Post by Harsh Sharma 7 »

In most books authors tend to over-explain the point and give minute details of every thing which isn't even relevant. But as you mentioned in the review that it is precisely written, I'll definitely like to give it a read.
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Post by MoeBrown »

This book should inspire us to pursue our own passion. Although i don't think I would read this myself, I do appreciate the review.
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