Official Review of The Maestro Monologue [Book Just Released on September 9th]

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Ra Ka
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Re: Official Review of The Maestro Monologue [Book Just Released on September 9th]

Post by Ra Ka »

Thanks for the review. It seems like an interesting book. I love this type of book that makes you meditate and think and discover your abilities that you do not know and get rid of what causes you harm such books are worth reading
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Elon Gathungu
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Post by Elon Gathungu »

Great review. I have read the book in the past but I will definitely be reading it again. I love content that natures the mind.
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Post by Rbbhuncho »

The book really enlightened me about religion.Nice review J. Odoyo
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Post by lightsammy »

Nice Review although the tone sets a religious mood, I have a feeling this book brings more than just that. I also like the fact that the reviewer touched on it being able to arouse incredible aptitudes, talents, and strengths. I think this would be a nice read.
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Avi Shi
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Post by Avi Shi »

Great review. I think I will try it. Your review. Are me think that it will be a interesting book .Thank you for your review
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Limpho Mojakisane
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Post by Limpho Mojakisane »

This book sounds like a good read for self-reflection. I believe most of us in this journey of life often get to a point where we find ourselves lost, and then we try hard to discover ourselves from the beginning. Thank you for the review, I definitely have to try out this book especially considering I am on my journey of self-discovery and how I view the world.
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Post by Lomyders »

Quite a masterpiece. Takes the reader on a journey of self discovery, and ofcourse acceptance of one's self. An interesting read.
nia de beer
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Post by nia de beer »

After reading your review, I got even more excited to read the book! :P
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Post by Glorianacomfy27 »

This book looks like one of the books you might want to read .The review has given it a plus because the book itself is a great masterpiece collection and you will enjoy reading it.Great review
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Post by Pocoyo »

The Maestro Monologue is deserving of four stars. This book stands out because of its flowing writing style, flawless editing, concepts, impact, and word choice; hence, it merits no lower grade. It's simple to absorb and extract the essence of everything the author wants us to understand, and this is unquestionably a must-read book for people from all walks of life.
J Edwards
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Post by J Edwards »

You can never guess what this book is all about by reading the title alone. I guess the author likes ambiguity. Anyway, it seems like a good book about self discovery. You have also reviewed it eloquently. Thanks.
“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

French novelist Marcel Proust.
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Post by Ogunbekun1 »

It's touches and the author is very good and it makes to believe in yourself
Mimidee Vanilly
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Post by Mimidee Vanilly »

This is an outstanding book, and will give us an enlightening. How we know about our hidden potential that might be hasn't revealed yet. Changing our perspective of thinking, so we could develop and maximize our capability. Great book. Thank you so much for your good review.
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chege wangui
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Post by chege wangui »

I also read the book and loved a great part of it. The most notable is the fact that the author says that self discovery is all about chipping away all the negative things we have learned about ourselves, and understanding that we are beings of infinite knowledge. powerful
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Adelle v
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Post by Adelle v »

I think in today's world we all need a reminder that we can be more than we are at percent. We tend to loose touch of ourselves and this book sounds like it might just remind ourselves who we can be if only we give ourselves a chance.
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