Official Review of The Maestro Monologue [Book Just Released on September 9th]

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Saniya Mansuri
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Re: Official Review of The Maestro Monologue [Book Just Released on September 9th]

Post by Saniya Mansuri »

The Maestro Monologue sounds like a great self help book , looking forward to read the book
Incredible review, words are perfectly used to describe the book , makes you wanna read the 📕
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Simona Dimitrova
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Post by Simona Dimitrova »

J_odoyo wrote: 10 Sep 2021, 14:54
Simona Dimitrova wrote: 10 Sep 2021, 08:49 What a great review....and what a interesting sounding book! That review made me think about reading the book but I'm not quite sure about that religious part. We'll see but I'll have it in mind!
Worry not. The book is not based on any religion, and the few quoted bible verses do not give Christianity any weight; they are used just like other quotes from other books or age-old philosophers.
I see...Therefore that is going to be my next book to read. Thank you!
Sarah C McHum
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Post by Sarah C McHum »

You gave a very detail review, but it doesn't spoil everything. Instead, it makes me want to read the book. Thanks for your review!
John Arun Kumar
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Post by John Arun Kumar »

Neysia Durga wrote: 06 Sep 2021, 00:10 I have only just finished reading the book and you have written quite an excellent review, I must say! This is perfect for anyone having doubts on whether or not to get into the book. The answer is yes :)
After reading the official review, this from you as well suggests that it is a very transformative book. It will be in my to read list.
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Post by Ugobless1 »

Wow.. this is actually one of a kind. It's a master piece. Such an excellent review, it really do worth it.
Mirah alali
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Post by Mirah alali »

The Maestro Monologue is deserving of four stars. This book stands out because of its flowing writing style, flawless editing, concepts, impact, and word choice; hence, it merits no lower grade. It's simple to absorb and extract the essence of everything the author wants us to understand, and this is unquestionably a must-read book for people from all walks of life.
Kratika Joshi
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Post by Kratika Joshi »

This is a great review. I certainly have a thing for books that pushes the reader into introspection. This will definitely go on my reading list.
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Mukoan M
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Post by Mukoan M »

I really like your review, it took me on a journey as well and I am more curious to read the book but at the same time really scares of what I may discover about myslef like you did. Thank you for the review and sharing.
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Recee Ann
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Post by Recee Ann »

Yeah, I really love books like this. Moving to each part is just like transitioning to an entirely new universe.
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Loranne Cachia
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Post by Loranne Cachia »

I look forward to reading this book. I think it will be my next one! I love motivational renditions that inspire people to constantly improve themselves. I look forward!
Winrose Mundia
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Post by Winrose Mundia »

The review is great. I loved that it excited me and left me curious on the specifics of the book. I am definitely going to look for it.
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Post by Joyjen »

Amazing! What a great review. It's really engrossing and would like to read the book so as to get more. Especially about the first part of understanding what's ultimately true about yourself.
A great review.
leslie walker 1
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Post by leslie walker 1 »

i found the book it was inteligent talking ware of you self and giving you insights in how you can achieve your goals in life with you your knowlege of self worth as you progress through life with you aware of you self
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Ipshita Mukherjee
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Post by Ipshita Mukherjee »

I love self help books in general. From your review I got the general idea about this book. I will definitely give it a read.
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Yasser Gewayfel
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Post by Yasser Gewayfel »

i like books what can help us to had good thinking and give us some knowledge too
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