Review of Are We the United States of America?

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Re: Review of Are We the United States of America?

Post by MsH2k »

Eze Michael wrote: 14 Sep 2022, 20:35 This work of nonfiction delves into a few things concerning the united states. I'd love to read this book so as to gain more knowledge. From this book, I believe that there isn't compltet unity in the U.S. Thanks for your honest review.
Indeed, my country is far from united today. This book shares the evolution of the U.S. and the ongoing work required to maintain a democracy. I learned quite a bit from this read.
Thank you for your comment.
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Niyi Briggs
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Post by Niyi Briggs »

I was actually drawn by the title. And your review is insightful. The United States is a model of how a nation should be organised. Despite the challenges, some of us in Africa would die to come there.
ThankGod Onyishi
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Post by ThankGod Onyishi »

Very insightful book. The book delves into lot about the United States including income equities and tax compliance. This book covers a lot of issues. It is also educative as it talks about the history of America.
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Post by SINGH JAY »

This nonfiction piece explores a few topics relating to the US. I'd love to read this book in order to learn more. I conclude from this book that there isn't complete unity in the United States. I appreciate your frank review. 
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Post by aarya_gondkar »

It seems like the book touches on many important questions about politics and USA in general. I am not from the USA but I feel like these problems can be found in almost all countries of the world, for as long as there will be humans, this would keep happening. My own country is not an exception to this. Hope we can someday be 'united' in spite of all our different mind-'states'.
Bef Ozo
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Post by Bef Ozo »

Parts like healthcare, voting rights, and privatization of public programs were mentioned in this book and a good and thought-provoking argument was made.
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

I'm always curious about America, especially since this book talks about topics not usually discussed by many. And the biblical verse, " the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil", I'm curious to know how the nation connects to it. As always Donna, you have given this book a great review! Kudos!
Jennifer Hamilton Hamilton
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Post by Jennifer Hamilton Hamilton »

I have just now started to become a history fan, as I didn't find it interesting until now. I was very interested and I also loved that what was being said was a part of our history. The facts is what makes up our history. The facts are just everywhere. Great read for everyone.
Styliani Volakaki
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Post by Styliani Volakaki »

If you love history, this book is great for you! Highly recommended. Even though I'm not from the USA I was very interested to the history behind
sajish sathyajith
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Post by sajish sathyajith »

Very insightful and great review, as usual! It is always interesting to get a view of what is happening behind the scenes rather than just making assumptions. The US has so much influence on world politics that one has to keep abreast of what is happening there.
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Very insightful book. The book delves into lot about the United States including income equities and tax compliance. This book covers a lot of issues. It is also educative as it talks about the history of America.
Obinna Kings
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Post by Obinna Kings »

MsH2k wrote: 02 Sep 2022, 20:46 [Following is an official review of "Are We the United States of America?" by John Geyman, M.D..]
Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
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If you were drawn to this title, chances are you have questioned the unity of the U.S. in recent years. Are We the United States of America? outlines areas contributing to the country’s current disunity.

Reading this 200-page book by John Geyman, M.D., was like taking a crash course in U.S. civics history. The breadth of content and references complemented the author’s background as a family physician in rural practice, teaching, and administration. The sources were well documented, allowing the reader to further research a topic or issue of interest.

The areas of healthcare, voting rights, and privatization of public programs were mentioned often in the discussion. Understandably, Geyman gave a convincing argument supporting quality health care as an inalienable right and highlighting the benefits to the overall population when each person has access to their specific medical needs. Dissemination of disinformation was another pervasive issue addressed.

At first glance, the problematic domains seemed distinct, but as layers were uncovered, the underlying commonality frequently was wealth disparity. The oft-quoted biblical verse, “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,” was seemingly validated in the analysis of this book.

I found the issues of income inequity and tax compliance to be concerning. The author quoted a source revealing that “CEOs of the largest U.S. corporations made 254 times more than their median employees in 2021.” But that was not the most troublesome part. The repeated and quantified references to wealthy corporations and individuals who exploit tax loopholes and pay no federal taxes were staggering. Diagrams and examples described both the inequity in funding and the unregulated spending of federal government resources. This disparity is not new, but it was sobering to trace how the widening wealth gap negatively affects education, health care, taxes, and even voting rights.

I appreciated the clear communication structure of the text. Each chapter began with a list of points that would be covered and ended with a lead-in to the next chapter’s discussion and a list of the sources used. The book included many quotes from other references, and the author seamlessly integrated them, providing an impressive continuity of flow.

However, the text repeated the same examples throughout the read to highlight issues. I would have preferred a wider variety of illustrations. Also, at the time of this review, the book’s cover slightly missed the mark of unity by excluding two of the fifty states.

The two aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph did not affect my reading enjoyment; therefore, I rate Are We the United States of America? 4 out of 4 stars. The analysis, quotes, and diagrams create an informative read. One does not need to be well versed in government or politics to understand the scenarios covered. I recommend this book to readers interested in learning more about areas contributing to the disunity in the United States and suggestions to improve them. The analysis is critical of many aspects of the current Republican party, so those opposed to this position may want to skip this read.

Are We the United States of America?
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Outstanding review. I can't wait to read this book. Thanks.
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

In character and culture, everyone is quite different. It is easy to see that United States of America is not so united but well managed. This book is revealing and has been perfectly described by this review. Nice review.
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Post by Chandelier Eden »

Great review. This question of the unity of the United State in recent happenings is something that deserves answers, and I hope that was done by the book.
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Post by nkchaudhari303 »

Easy to read and understand actually this explain the how people live in America and what is the thoughts of their sharing with very understanding points and you should also keep some information about your country and many things I have learnt from this group that how to be proud as an American I love that I thank the writer of the book at the end I will say on you only one thing that you are so great this work at least once
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