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James Williams Uzo
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Re: Review of The Parrot's Perch

Post by James Williams Uzo »

I'm a big fan I memoirs and this seems like an interesting one. I'll check it out when I find time between reviews. Well done.
Jimmy Cyprian
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Post by Jimmy Cyprian »

The author's life is an amazing one to follow in this wonderfully written memoir. I love how determined she was to make her father proud of her. Congrats on book of the day!
Goodness Azuka
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Post by Goodness Azuka »

Writing about one's experience can be daunting, especially when it could be something difficult to talk about. I believe this story will appeal to fans of nonfiction and memoirs. Congratulations on winning BOTD.
Boluwatife Ade Aderogbin
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Post by Boluwatife Ade Aderogbin »

I agree that the lack of skill is never an excuse, one should be determined to learn. Horrible experiences are not easy to talk about, I commend the effort of the author to tell such stories with full details.
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Francis Omotayo Aderogbin
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Post by Francis Omotayo Aderogbin »

This review beautifully captures the author's bravery in sharing her harrowing experiences. The vivid descriptions made me empathize with her pain and admire her resilience. I'm inspired to read her story and learn from her journey of survival.
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Post by Dzejn_Crvena »

This is one of those memoirs where people were accused of crimes they didn't commit. Given that such these crimes are rampant in Brazil, it's hard to seek justice. I heard of horror stories police who planted illegal drugs on innocent civilian to frame them. It take courage to narrate these agonizing experiences. Congratulations on the BOTD.
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Huini Hellen
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Post by Huini Hellen »

Connection is very important in a family set-up, especially where the couple is from different cultural backgrounds. Thanks for the review.
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Omobolanle Savage
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Post by Omobolanle Savage »

It's refreshing to see the author's honesty in narrating her own perspective, allowing readers to deeply connect with her. While I wish we could hear more about her husband's experience, it adds to the intrigue and emphasizes the impact of their shared ordeal. I'm curious to explore their story further.
John Arun Kumar
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Post by John Arun Kumar »

Jenifer Pauline J wrote: 19 May 2023, 06:10 Hey Medina Fedrick,

I recently came across your review of "The Parrot's Perch" by Karen Keilt, and I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about this extraordinary book. As an avid reader, I was captivated by the story, and I believe Jenifer Pauline J would undoubtedly share the same enthusiasm.

"The Parrot's Perch" takes readers on an unforgettable journey, as Karen Keilt fearlessly opens up about her harrowing experiences of imprisonment and torture in Brazil during the military dictatorship. Her resilience and determination to survive against unimaginable odds are truly inspiring.

What struck me most was Keilt's ability to transform her painful memories into a beautifully crafted narrative. Her vivid descriptions transported me to the Brazilian landscapes, allowing me to feel the tension, despair, and hope that permeated her every word. Keilt's prose is so powerful that it tugs at your heartstrings, evoking a range of emotions from anger and fear to compassion and ultimately, awe.

Furthermore, "The Parrot's Perch" delves deep into themes of justice, human rights, and the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Keilt's unwavering commitment to seeking justice for herself and countless others is a testament to her courage and determination. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of speaking out against injustice, no matter how daunting the circumstances may be.

I highly recommend diving into "The Parrot's Perch." It is a profoundly moving memoir that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. Prepare to be mesmerized by Keilt's storytelling prowess and her ability to turn tragedy into triumph.

Thank you, Medina Fedrick, for shedding light on this exceptional book and allowing me to share my enthusiasm. Let us join hands in spreading the word about "The Parrot's Perch" so that more readers can be touched by Karen Keilt's remarkable journey of resilience and hope.

Happy reading!

Warm regards,
Jenifer Pauline J
Karen Keilt seems to have honestly shared it like it was in her painful yet triumphant life journey in this memoir. I admire her courage in life and in writing this. It must have been a therapeutic experience to put all into this book. Medina and Jenifer thank you for your well written book reviews. I would like to read this book sometime. Congratulations on the BOTD!
Gift Chidex
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Post by Gift Chidex »

The hardest part of life is paying for subs you didn't commit. I must read this book to find out what became of Karen. Nice review, congrats on BOTD.
Blessing Otuokere
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Post by Blessing Otuokere »

This memoir appears captivating because the author is so open about the things she went through in Brazil. She and her previous husband must have endured horrendous abuse while incarcerated. I think readers who enjoy memoirs and nonfiction will enjoy this novel.
Adeoluwa Adebusuyi
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Post by Adeoluwa Adebusuyi »

I always love reading memoirs, it gives us as readers a chance to explore the life of the author and gain insight into the real-life experiences of the author. The Parrot Perch is a memoir of Karen narrating her strength and bravery as she talks about her terrifying encounters with injustice and corruption in Brazil. Thanks for the review.
Gift Chidex
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Post by Gift Chidex »

The hardest part of life is paying for subs you didn't commit. I must read this book to find out what became of Karen. Nice review, congrats on BOTD.
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Ochieng Omuodo
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Post by Ochieng Omuodo »

This is my first encounter with anything out of Brazil in this forum; such a populous and diverse country shouldn't be invisible. That in itself isn't what interests me. It is the police behaviour that you highlight, which seems to be in the DNA of any police force globally! Also, Keilt's the vivid and graphic delivery of her experience will, no doubt, bring this book authenticity.
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Sara Nóbrega Bartolomeu
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Post by Sara Nóbrega Bartolomeu »

Wow, the author's life seems to have been so hard and unfair. The impact of it in her life was tremedous. Im so glad she has the strength to carry on and share her experiences mustn't have been easy either. Congrats on BOTD
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