Themes in my Enemy in Vietnam

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Andrew Malenya
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Re: Themes in my Enemy in Vietnam

Post by Andrew Malenya »

It is so hard sometimes to serve where you do not feel most welcome. Racial profiling is evident in this book as a black soldier is seen as an outcast in the war he is supposed to serve.
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Post by Chinaka94 »

The themes of racism, friendship and acceptance were glaring in the story.
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Post by wmeki510 »

Pauline Parnell wrote: 02 Mar 2022, 04:16 Other themes that are prevalent in "My Enemy in Vietnam" are friendship and acceptance. Clearly, the Vietnamese understood that there was some commonality between them and a black soldier such as being disliked and oppressed by others. They demonstrated that by calling him 'soul brother'.
You have made a striking comment. Common cause and condition can unite people; here, the Vietnamese and the black soldier are united by dislike and oppression from the enemy.
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Andrew Malenya
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Post by Andrew Malenya »

It is difficult to serve in the war you are not welcomed. I felt bad that black soldiers were being discriminated.
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

Racism is certainly the first thing that comes to mind but then, there's comradeship, social order and injustice, and war. Alike many other racist stories, but this one has a very bold uniqueness.
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Post by Guillermo12 »

Themes that are prevalent in this book are companionship, racism and empathy between the soldiers.
Stellah Chege
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Post by Stellah Chege »

The most prevalent theme was racism indeed. But in almost equal measure, the author displayed the importance of friendship and companionship and how important they are
Vinny Zinny
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Post by Vinny Zinny »

Aside theme of racism, I'd suggest the theme of adaptation. The black soldiers amidst the environment did all they could to fit in. Being able to adapt properly in an environment is a skill I must say.
Eman Elshennawy
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Post by Eman Elshennawy »

I liked this book very much, especially as it talks about one of the issues of the era, which is racism
It really is a great book
Vivian Amponsah
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Post by Vivian Amponsah »

The theme of story is " peace and acceptance". Racism and war only have one solution. Which is to accept people no matter who they are or where they belong which results in 'peace.
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Post by Matire »

cutemami wrote: 02 Mar 2022, 11:32 Companionship is an integral part of every human being's life. A lot of us have something to learn about accepting each other from this book. Being black or belonging to a different culture should not be the basic upon which we judge each other in this world.
I agree with you. We shouldn't allow our physical, racial, or cultural differences to affect our interpersonal relationships with one another as humans.
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Post by Bunmi27 »

Racism was amongst the themes in the book. The black soldiers had to live with the whites wanting to show their superiority over them during the Vietnamese war. Another theme demonstrated was friendship which I loved.
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Alice Fu
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Post by Alice Fu »

while racism is definitely prevalent throughout the book, I would definitely also say that friendship is something that is a huge theme throughout the story
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Post by Christopherio »

My most outstanding theme is the racism between the civilians and the soldiers, and it adds up to the passion of the soldiers and their compassion, which includes learning a new language and being kind, besides the discrimination and finally the acceptance that contributes to a warm feeling.
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Okoye Chinonso+
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Post by Okoye Chinonso+ »

Hmmm...though the racism part of the book was almost all there was to it cause of the hardship the black soldiers underwent, I can say, I saw friendship and togetherness in it. It was a tough war, yes. But some people out there don't mind the race you belong to or the colour of your skin. The book is a lovely book indeed.
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