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Theresa Moffitt
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Re: Most important lesson

Post by Theresa Moffitt »

I liked the emphasis on respecting yourself and taking care of your body. It touched on a lot of topics that aren’t discussed openly.
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Ilze Herholdt
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Post by Ilze Herholdt »

There is a lot of great lessons this book has to offer. I think the most important one is to not follow the crowd. Be your own person, and do what you want to do not what everyone else wants to do.
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Joanna Olson
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Post by Joanna Olson »

It's so important to be your own person and make your own decision. Teens (and adults!) are often so influenced by their peers and don't always make the decisions that are right and appropriate for themselves personally.
Joanna Olson
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Post by AllTooWell »

For me, the most important lesson is talking about sex. Talking is the only way to teach children about something, and you do not need to be "pure" in order to be "good" or healthy. I honestly think the author is wrong about putting sex on a pedestal, but I appreciate that he also talks about the importance of teaching children about sex.
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Natasha Hlongwane
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Post by Natasha Hlongwane »

What stood out for me was not following the crowd. Most of the time, we follow what everyone else is doing because we are afraid to stand out/be on the sidelines. However, we have to stop being afraid of our own uniqueness and present ourselves to the world just as we are. Differences make the world go 'round. Do what feels right or makes sense for you.
David Chijindu
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Post by David Chijindu »

How to communicate to children about sex was the most important lesson I took away. This is a persistent issue for the majority of parents. My parents didn't start talking to me about sex until I was preparing to leave for college. I believe I now know how to approach situations differently.
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Ogunkoya Mayowa
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Post by Ogunkoya Mayowa »

There is a lot of lesson from this book but the one I find important is (1) sexual purity and (2) To stop following the crowd.
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Meghan Sica
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Post by Meghan Sica »

I love the lessons portrayed in the book. Being a unique individual is by far more important than fitting in and following the rest of the lemmings on this Earth!
ThankGod Onyishi
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Post by ThankGod Onyishi »

My biggest takeaway from the book is the importance of sexual purity. I loved how the author explained sexual purity and it's benefits and draws readers towards agreeing with him.
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Laney K
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Post by Laney K »

Hubre De Klerk wrote: 09 Jan 2023, 08:42 I love not following the crowd - just because "they are doing it", doesn't mean you should be too. Follow what you believe, even if it differs from others. I also believe it is the little things that define us, and also that that is what makes relationships work.
I definitely agree that not following the crowd is important. Society pushes so much on us that staying true to yourself is important.
Anthony Ekemezie
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Post by Anthony Ekemezie »

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should; this is one of the important lessons I took from this book. Another big lesson is on sexual purity and how we can maintain it in this present day.
Bef Ozo
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Post by Bef Ozo »

I like how this book linked spirituality with sex. Most people have refused to agree that there's a bond between these terms and this has cost them a lot. I like this and I think this is the most important lesson in this book.
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Jack King
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Post by Jack King »

Owuamanam Eberechukwu wrote: 02 Jan 2023, 01:23 Most times we feel or think our happiness depends on another person. We also feel like our relationship is not working because of our partner. However, Mr Morris presented little details that makes the difference. This little things defines and creates happinesss in relationships. This is the most important lesson for me.

What’s the most important lesson for you.
For me it reaffirmed that we don’t want to do Santa with our kids, our little boy is 1 and will be 2 next Christmas. He’ll definitely have more of an understanding by then.
We've longed to see the roses, but never felt the thorns
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Azuka Jessica
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Post by Azuka Jessica »

There are lots of lessons to learn from this book- both for the parent, the would be parent and the dependent one. I like the way parents are advices to normalize sex education with their children.
Chimomaebuka Ejimchi
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Post by Chimomaebuka Ejimchi »

There were a whole lot of lessons I learned from this book. I learned about sexual purity. This was actually the most important lesson for me. Another lesson is how to respect one's self. If we don't respect ourselves, how would other people respect us? I learned a whole lot from this book, honestly.
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