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Discuss the December 2012 book of the month, "The Seneca Scourge" by Carrie Rubin.

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Re: Discuss The Seneca Scourge (spoilers)

Post by GKCfan »

I read that Rubin is a public health advocate. I wonder how much of her personal experience fueled her knowledge of the medical plot points in this novel.
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Post by 3chicnP »

I'll be honest here. I hated this book and didn't even finish it. I couldn't finish it because I found it slow and I couldn't catch on to it.
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Post by ananya92 »

I read medial thrillers rarely, but I really enjoyed this one since the author's writing style is fluent and involving. The element of suspense in the book was also well done. All in all it is worth a read.
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Post by Alexavier-Taiga »

I have very mixed feelings about this book. I'll admit that I did not finish it due to school taking up 90% of my time now, but of what I did manage to read, I didn't quite like it. I loved the concept and the plot, but something about it just didn't sit right with me.
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Post by NhkeiraT »

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Post by Mrunal Tikekar »

I only recently came across this book. I have always loved to read medical thrillers, working as a Med Tech myself. I found the connection with SARS pretty real. I remember the time of the viral outbreak and the terror it had initiated.
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Post by AlphariusRE »

The summary and the comments here sure are interesting! Although I feel I'm pretty late to get this book from OBC, I'll try to get my hands on it via Amazon.
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Post by Mikail Light »

This book was absolutely excellent. It engaged me from the beginning till the end and it drew me into the action and was such a page turner that I could not put the book down. It has a great balance between plot and character development and the medical terms used in this book are not too complex for people without medical experience to understand.
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