Featured Review: Thin Places by Diane Owens Prettyman

Discuss the February 2013 book of the month "Thin Places" by Diane Owens Prettyman.
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Re: Featured Review: Thin Places by Diane Owens Prettyman

Post by Mindful Wordsmith »

Among other important things, this book captures a sad reality of our times — the struggles of the family of a wrongfully convicted person.
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Analiza Manching
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The story is very interesting. It's about family, goals, and freedom. I love the story and hope this will end with happiness. Hope they dare to start a new life. Nice review but it's long. Congrats on BOTD!
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This book seems to bring a journey of self-discovery through some romance, a bit of thriller, and a little adventure too. It starts with the friendship between Calvery and Finn Tully in a Texas prison. Congrats on BOTD to the author! Thanks for the review!
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Post by Faith - Benny Any »

I'm not a lover of mystery books, but I found this one very interesting. Congrats on being the BOTD.
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Post by mytkreadingreview »

:o Sometimes life is unfare, we get caught in prison not because you are guilty but because you are not able to get a lawyer to stand up for you. For situation you find yourself been arrested for something you didn't do, like Calvery we don't know if he was guilty or not but his friend Tully made to keep his promise to told his daughter his father was innocent. Tully was still having problems as he found his wife was living with another and she also another child and his mother was also had cancer
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Post by maycherono91 »

Beautiful review. Such a heart-wrenching story. I would definitely read it.
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The fact that this book is so well-regarded by so many people alone makes me want to read it. From what I've heard, it sounds like one of those books that, while I might enjoy the plot overall, I might have conflicting thoughts about the characters. I appreciate the evaluation. I'll undoubtedly give Thin Places a shot.
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Hmm, i have this book on the shelf above me, interesting to read the mixed reviews, I might start it next week and see for myself what the fuss is about. :)
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