Speaker for the Dead

Discuss the April 2013 book of the month "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card
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Re: Speaker for the Dead

Post by HeatherEi »

This was such and interesting and uncomfortable book for me. The unintentional, graphic murders of the scientists was a bit much. But the whole premise was unique and interesting. I loved listening to the audio book!
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Post by winecellarlibrary »

I've heard poor reviews about the rest of the series. The two people who recommended Ender's Game to me have both read the whole series and both told me they do not recommend reading any further. Since science fiction is not my favorite, I've taken their advice. I thought Ender's Game was exceptional and I do not want to ruin it by delving into books that are likely not suited to my taste.
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Post by NetMassimo »

When I read Speaker for the Dead the first time, many years ago, it was surprising. In a way, Orson Scott Card used again the theme of communication problems between different species, but he developed it in a totally different way. In Ender's Game the miscommunications with the Formics led to interstellar wars that involved the whole human species, in the sequel the miscommunications with the Pequeninos led to problems in a single colony. Of course, Ender is older and has the weight of his past on his shoulder, with all the consequences. Marrying a woman like Novinha seems a self-punishment to me as I always found her very annoying.
Ciao :)
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Post by Valkyrie9 »

Shil wrote: 07 Jan 2014, 10:44 If you just finished reading the first book in this series and are expecting another book packed with high intensity action, you are going to be disappointed. I came into this with similar expectations and found the initial chapters to be slightly awkward and far fetched for my taste. However, the story picks up in the chapters 4-5 and I found myself really enjoying the book. It has strong but conflicted main characters who struggle with situations of personal and social dilemma. It shows that love can be grey and varied. There is a certain complexity to this book which makes Ender's Game more childish.

It left me almost believing in this whole new way of perceiving the universe. After the thrill and drama of Ender's game, this book has a contrastingly philosophical undertone. Although not everyone's cup of tea, it is surprisingly refreshing for the open minded reader.
I must say I struggled through the first and second chapter of Speaker for the Dead. I was eager for another masterpiece like Ender's Game but was sorely disappointed. But if you say it picks up around Chapter 5, perhaps I will give it another try. Thanks for this insight. :techie-studyinggray:
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Post by Rayah Raouf »

I've been meaning to get around to reading this book for so long now. I've read so many summaries and reviews about it, but I've never got around to it.
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Post by nan_beth »

This book has always caught my attention. I certainly haven't read it yet, however I did see the movie and it's very well made. Like most books brought to the big screen, I know it doesn't do it justice. Therefore, the first moment that I have free insurance I will dedicate it to carefully read this great work.
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Post by Abdulwahab Maryam »

This book hasn't been read by me yet, but I'm eager to do so. Even though I've heard similar things about Speaker, such as how depressing and uninteresting it is, I'm still keeping it on my "to read" list!
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Post by Mikail Light »

I wasn't initially interested in Ender's Game. However, after reading your post, I think I'll check the series out. Thanks.
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