How Many Chances Do You Give An Author?

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How Many Chances Do You Give An Author?

Post by tsh1001 »

Say you read a book, and absolutely do not like it. Do you give the author more chances for redemption? How many?

Personally, I am a "one and done" kind of person... If the writing style is not my cup of tea, I don't have more tea.
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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

If I can’t finish the book then I’m done.

If there’s parts of the book I enjoyed, and it could have been a good book if the writing had been better, then I might pick up the next book and skim a chapter to see if they’ve got any better.

But there are so many books out there that it’s easy to just move on.
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Post by Alyssa »

I use to agree with Waldorf in that if I couldn’t finish the book I’m done with the author. Mind, there have been times I didn’t like 1 book but a few years later I find myself pouring over another by the same author. So I always try to keep an open mind, most authors continue to work at developing their skills.

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Post by Michael_Cook143 »

If I've read books by them before and loved them, I'd probably give them a few chances if the next book doesn't fit me. If it's an author I've never tried before and I can't finish the book then I'm done.

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Post by leareiler »

Honestly... it depends on the book. I read Great Expectations by Dickens and loved it, but I struggled through and couldn't finish a Tale of Two Cities. I still want to read more Dickens though. I guess it just depends on the novel. But I haven't read anyone I wouldn't read again. I'd think I'm a 'one and done' type of person, but I honestly don't know.

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Post by mplaunty »

Honestly, it depends on the subject matter of the book. I feel like anymore, authors are venturing into multiple different genres. I will usually give an author 2 chanced and if both fall flat I will call it quits.

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Post by Tavaiel26 »

Usually, only one chance unless I get a lot of recommendations for a different book of the same author.

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Post by Carolreads30 »

I will usually give an author more than one chance. Just one bad book is not a sign that the author is bad. Sometimes it is just that I don't care for that particular story. I think everyone deserves more than one chance.

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Thea Frederick
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Post by Thea Frederick »

It really depends on how bad the book was. If there were just a few sections I didn’t like, then I would probably read more from that author. But if what I didn’t like about the book was clearly going to be a major theme throughout their writing, or I seriously disliked the writing style, then I probably wouldn’t try much more unless I was really interested in another of their books. But if I have read a book, liked it, read another by that author and didn’t like it, I would author more chances.
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Post by lwahls2 »

I'm also usually a one and done kind of person. But I would say it's rare that I've finished a book and said that was horrible. Also rare for me to stop a book because I don't like it.
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Melina the reader
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Post by Melina the reader »

If I really didn't like the book at all then I give the author only one chance. I don't seee the point in reading another book by someone when I didnt like the style of writing (which I don't assume just changes from book to book). I have to say though that there is very few books that I read and absolutely dislike... I'm a pretty easy going reader so its not that harsh really.

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Post by Honest-reviewer »

I usually give 2 chances. I don’t want to judge an author just by reading one of his books. If both are not worth my time then I will never read his books again.

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Post by Peyton4 »

I'm usually a one and done unless the author has other books that people really enjoy. Then I might pick up another.
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Claris L
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Post by Claris L »

Depends on the following:

1. If can't make it through the book, I'm done.
2. If I can make it through the whole book and I completely hated it, then I'm done.
3. If I can make it through the book, and I didn't completely hate the book, I might try to read a second one. But if 1 and/or 2 happens with that second book, then I'm definitely done with that author.

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Post by Triduana »

It depends. If I like the style of the writing but dislike the story, I'll give the author another chance. You can't always like eveything by one author! If I don't get on with the writing style, I probably won't read the author again, as the style of writing will probably not change between books.

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