What is your opinion on Stephenie Meyer?

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Re: What is your opinion on Stephenie Meyer?

Post by Eclecticmama »

I read the Twilight Series after my very grown adult aunt told me they were amazing. First one was good, your typical love story, but became painfully predictable. And as the series went on honestly I was rooting for a main character death just to spice things up.
"Oh Edward I'm not worthy to lick your boots but I'm also in love with my childhood bestie who is also your sworn enemy you must never leave or I'LL GO DIE!"
"I will always protect you, except when I can't. Which is surprisingly often, despite my family and I having super powers. I also love hanging out with children all day, which is why I have never stopped going to high school."
But Stephanie Meyer seems like a nice person. I'd have a coffee with her, maybe discuss a few things. We would probably get along great. :D

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Post by nurse_kaitlyn »

The Twilight Series was great for an introduction to teen fantasy romance when I was just entering my teens. I do think her writing itself is not especially impressive, but she has come up with unique stories. I haven't read her most recent, but I still enjoy rereading The Host on occasion. It was such a unique idea and she created a fascinating history and race of "aliens" and how and why they took over humans.

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Post by cookiedough »

Her books are easy reads. The way she writes is simplistic and is nice to read after a long day. I do prefer authors who can create a theater in your mind though.

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Post by shirleym89 »

I thoroughly enjoyed the story line of the Twilight series. I commend her for that. I don't have much of an opinion about her though. I enjoyed her books, it ends there.

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