What is your opinion on Stephenie Meyer?

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Re: What is your opinion on Stephenie Meyer?

Post by oceana »

She is a good author in the sense that she can come up with a story and plot that grabs the readers attention. She does not put that into good writing though. I read all of her series and the only one I liked was the short second life of Bree Tanner, and that was only marginally.

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Post by CommMayo »

I could barely get through her first Twilight book. I thought her writing was rather poor and too repetitive...Yes, I get it, it is raining a lot. Stop mentioning it!

If you want to read an amazing author who writes about vampires, you owe it to yourself to pick up JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Her writing style is fantastic and the characters jump off the pages.

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Post by melleigha »

I love the movies, but honestly could not get into the books. I just didn't like her writing style.

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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

oliviagrace81 wrote:
28 Jul 2014, 21:45
I loved the books throughout middle school, but now that I look back on them, they really are lacking quite a bit. I don't appreciate them much now as it's pretty clear that the relationships between Bella/Edward and Bella/Jacob are manipulative and abusive and just all around harmful. The books themselves aren't written well, though I did enjoy The Host. I think Stephanie Meyer just needs to mature her writing a bit and research healthy relationships.
With every respect in the world for your opinion, I wonder if we're not getting a bit too fixated on this 'healthy relationship' thing, certainly in books. Realistically due to their length, these are probably not going to be read by anyone under 13-14. By that time they will no doubt also be reading books in school - classics, if you will - with heroes who could hardly be considered to offer a girl/woman a 'healthy relationship' - Heathcliff, Jay Gatsby, Sergeant Troy etc etc. Don't get me wrong, there are things I WOULD consider off-limits in YA fiction, eg paedophilia being seen as acceptable (though it could, I think, be sensitively explored in a book). But a touch of dark glamour is probably harmless. Having said that, I'm not a massive fan of Stephenie Meyer. I admire her achievements, but wouldn't call myself a fan.
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Post by Winniewang0616 »

I think Stephanie Meyers is a very good writer, but she’s very cliche and I think that’s also a main reason why her twilight series became a classic. She writes in an old fashioned kind of style but she also has some modern aspects to the story because of the time periods. Also, her books are very predictable, but comes with a lot of charm and appeal. So, I think Stephanie Meyers is a classic writer but there are some better authors

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Post by inaramid »

I don't have a problem with her writing style but I have struggled with relating to any of her characters. I have always wondered whether Bella Swan is a projection of Meyer's ideal self or something.

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Post by Mjgarrison »

I loved the books for a long time, I also loved how she went into great detail.

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Post by thelittlelibrary »

I didn't think the books were awful but I also didn't think they deserved the hype. At one point Meyer said that the God of writing asked her to write the books (bit OTT)

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Post by suetropez »

I have never read Tuck Everlasting but the Twilight plot sounds a awful lot like it. Twilight was a light read for me when I was in a gloomy place in my life and it helped me get back into writing. I'm not sure about Stephanie Meyer's writing. I have read a number of opinions that vary in degrees of like to strong dislike. Thank goodness books and topics are still a personal choice of everyone.

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Post by CaitlinGonya »

I'm not a fan of Stephanie Meyer. I mean, there was so much teenage angst in the Twilight books that I could have done without them in my life.

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Post by SPasciuti »

It's been an incredibly long time since I've read her books. I sort of fell into her series during my early High School years as a result of recommendations from friends and I genuinely liked the series. I didn't think she was a bad writer and as the years passed it honestly annoyed me that people called her illiterate because she's not.

If I went back and re-read everything, I do wonder if it would all change my opinion of it. I think, ultimately, the one complaint I fully understand is Bella's characterization. I get it when people tell me that they didn't like her. I don't think she was unrealistic, in truth, as there are certainly girls like that out there in the world...but I do see how people would find it disempowering, in a way?

But I don't think that's a giant slight on Stephanie Meyer's ability to write. I think the story is just for some people and not for others.

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Post by AbbyGNelson »

She is not good at writing. I'm sure her writing is heavily edited, but it still needs so much more help. She is capable of writing blank, seemingly boring characters that people can see themselves in. That is her biggest skill. She has also done a good job of building her empire.

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Post by Whippet »

I read it in high school because a friend was obsessed. Around the same time we went to see the first film and we were all enamoured. It played on our hormones I guess :) but of course we grew up and found the story dull, the characters weak and whiny, and the ending especially quite an anticlimax. I think once you mature both as a person and a reader you realise these books hook teens perfectly (or people with a teen mentality) because it's all about how much Bella and Edward want to sleep together. That's the driving force behind the insistence on marriage and the number of times they argue about it is so childish that only teenagers can really relish that type of drama in a book. I.e. needless drama.

Can't really knock it down because the series did provide millions some enjoyment, nothing wrong in that. But also nothing wrong in growing out of it and having some critique on the series as a whole.
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Post by KarleighRose »

Personally, her work is bland, predictable, and accompanied by poor literary devices and expressions. She is primarily known for her creation of the Twilight series, which I read despite a severe dislike for the films.

Although, Stephanie Meyer knew her fan base and the material had been written in a way that may seem cheesy and cliche to most, but would truly resonate with younger readers that were encapsulated on the idea of a supernatural and seemingly forbidden romance.

While I personally dislike the creation of Twilight's plot, as well as her writing style, I can respect that her novels have certainly created an intellectual conversation between people that encourages analysis and an understanding of the novels to have effectively.

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Post by Lg_99 »

I have not read any of her books, so I really cannot determine whether her writing is "great" or "awful". The Twilight movies may have sucked, but I can't judge her based on a movie adaptation; lots of great books have had horrible movies. I need to read her work(s) first before forming an opinion.

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