Have you ever met an author in person?

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Re: Have you ever met an author in person?

Post by Fuzzy456 »

No I haven’t but that would be awesome! I think I would be totally starstruck.

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Post by Ejemike50 »

Yes I have meet am author before he is am author and a pastor

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Post by Mely918 »

I don't believe I have, but I would love to someday! It would be my absolute dream to meet J.K. Rowling since she practically inspired to continue and improve my writing.

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Post by rave_2 »

I remember an author came to my school a couple semesters ago. I didn't really talk to her, though.
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Post by teemi_t »

actually, my best friend is an author

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Post by Sm-12 »

I have an Indian author called Ruskin bond .It was amazing got my personal copy too signed by him.

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Post by palilogy »

I met R. L. Stein at NYC comic con years ago.
I met Mellissa Febos the author of a memoir about working in a sex dungeon.
I met Jacob Slichter the author of a memoir about his drumming in the band Semisonic.
I met several famous poets among them Marie Howe.

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Post by Dael Reader »

I met the poet Allan Ginsberg at a poetry reading. I'm pretty sure he was high. And I was not impressed.

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Post by writerlady1904 »

Way back in high school (we won't say exactly how way back) David Fleming author of "Summertime" was our English and creative writing teacher. As a teenager, I was not impressed, I had other things on my mind. But he would read his books to us and then give us "crazy" (to a teenager anyway) writing assignments. In hindsight, I see what a great opportunity that was. But at the time, writing was the last thing on my teenage mind.

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Post by pricklypurple »

No one extremely famous, but I have met a couple of authors at some of my book club groups.

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Post by Charlotte_Shi »

Several times actually… last year I had a chance to meet Ildefonso Falcones (Cathedral of the Sea). He was great and we spoke briefly. :wink:

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Post by Patox »

I have met many but one remains forever etched in my mind, Dr. G Benaars.

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Post by Cher432 »

Unfortunately I have never been so lucky. Realistically I would have to travel to a different part of the world if I want to make that happen.

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Post by ObsessedBookNerd »

We often had meet & greets at our schools where you can get an autograph book of that author. My school did it quite a few times every year.

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Post by Facennagoss »

Sam Angus came in to talk to my Year 8s about the writing process and her book, Hero. She was fantastic and had every single child hanging on to her every word.

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