Who was the first author you had to read "everything" by?

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Re: Who was the first author you had to read "everything" by?

Post by bmfought »

Scott Westerfeld. I had to read the Uglies series. It was amazing in high school.

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Post by Wambui-nj »

Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma

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Post by Magnify3 »

It would be the Bulldog Drummond series by Sapper. At least I got to finish the series. The rest of the other authors like Agatha Christie, the list of unread books remains pending.

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Post by KCWolf »

Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, and Doctor Seuss. I started that young. ;)
By 3rd grade I was into E.B.White, Beverly Cleary, and Ronald Dahl.
In my teens, S.E.Hinton, Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.
Then, I went on to CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Mercedes Lackey.
I went through a VC Andrews phase in my twenties. I was OBSESSED.

Now I must read all GRRM and MC Beaton. ;)
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Post by Kate_But_Not_Kaitlyn »

Definitely Lizi Harrison. Middle school me had to read every Clique and Monster High book I could find.

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Post by Nym182 »

Stephen King was the first author that I wanted to read everything of. I started getting into him during middle school and understandably he was nothing like what I was reading at the time, which usually hovered around Ani-morphs and the first Harry Potter book. I was going through books like nothing else and so my mom encouraged me to start looking for thicker books and while garage sale shopping with my Aunt, I found The Stand. Ever since then, I was hooked. Unfortunately for me, that was a much bigger undertaking then I had realized! I'm still working at it, I own 39 of his books, although I have read about 50 of them or so. He just needs to give me a little time to catch up!! :D :D
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Post by MrunalT »

I guess it has to be Enid Blyton. Have almost read ALL of her books.

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Post by SpiritPhoenix »

Sidney Sheldon! I don't even know how dark I am inside to have been crazy for his books since I was 12? Man!! My dad passed down the craze to me.
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Post by Fiyin »

Renee ahdieh. Her flame in the mist duology was beautiful. Mariko was a really admirable heroine, a feminist in a world dominated by men. I just had to read all renee ahdieh's books.

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Post by Aditi Sapate »

Sadly, none. :(
There are many authors whose most works I've read e.g. Enid Blyton. Then there's Sidney Sheldon - I attempted to read all of his books too. Maybe this could be a reading challenge!

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Post by amjohnson13mommy »

I read my first Stephen King book Different Seasons in grade 8 for a book report and have been hooked since. I own every book and most anthologies he took part in.

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Post by Gift25 »

The first author I had to read everything by was Steven King and then Dean Knootz. I even read The Stand during the summer while out of school. I just had to keep seeing what they would do next or how far they would go. I could always get lost in their books.
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Post by Felicity Granger »

My first read-all was really J.K. Rowling. My older sister had all the Harry Potter books and after reading the first book I went on a four-day long reading rampage. It was so bad my teacher called home to tell my mother I wasn't to be allowed to bring novels to school for the rest of the semester. That was my first author-binge. Later on, it was Julia Quinn and more recently Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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Post by AdamRedWolf »

On my way to completing all Kurt Vonnegut books, I discovered Brandon Sanderson, and I completed his collection first.
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Post by Nightingale494 »

When I was younger I tried to read everything by Piers Anthony and Roger Zelazny. Later, it was Robert Jordan. Nowadays, it is Shayne Silvers. I have most of his books, and love them all.

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